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Rohingya Repatriation: Extreme Fear Engulfs Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 14thNovember 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: Rohingya sheltering at makeshift camps are seen in fear and threat of forced repatriation, which was announced by Burma-Bangladesh to begin from today onwards.

“A situation of fear and panic is seen on the faces of Rohingya here and the listed Rohingya are hardly seen outside,” explains a Rohingya from Kutuplaong camp.

Although Burma-Bangladesh signed this deal of inhumane repatriation, the question is will Rohingya return willingly or will be once again forced to go back?

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Cases of force, physically abuses and tortures were reported earlier by Rohingya Vision TV, where innocent Rohingya are forced to list down themselves for return, without gaining back their long-awaited rights.

In many camps, several flocks of women, children, elderly and men were seen on the streets in denial to return to Arakan (Rakhine), Burma and are seen in continuous protests to fulfill their Rights, Security and Safety.

Rohingya women at the protest today at Zadimura makeshift camp on 12th November 2018. Image: RVISION TV.

In one of the testimonial video from a local source, a Rohingya woman said “Do you think we feel happy to stay in these plastic shelters? Although our hearts are crying for our soil, we will not go back this time without the guarantee of our lives and security”.

Another key factor that proves this deal a risky one, because till now Rohingya are waiting for the justice and they even couldn’t get out of the previous trauma.

Since the announcement of the forced repatriation, two cases of suicide and a death were also reported, proving this deal to a life-threatening one.

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In fear of return, many families were reported to have moved out of the makeshift camps, just to hide from Bangladeshi officials.

Rohingya are denying, denouncing and hiding themselves to refrain from repatriation. But the conclusion ends here, will Rohingya’s prayers be accepted or once again humanity will lose its breathe at the grip of political motives?

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