Rohingya Repatriation Deal a Laughingstock

By November 25, 2017 12:47

Rohingya Repatriation Deal a Laughingstock

Qutub Shah
RVision Opinion

The MoU between Bangladesh and Burma over repatriation of hundreds of thousand refugees has been a  front page topic for days of many media, while this repatriation deal is not but a laughingstock as it has been signed amid nonstop violation of rights in Arakan and without any rights guaranteed for the refugees.

In addition, setting up the trap in advance, Myanmar has put some clauses in the deal as justification for future persecution. For instance, according the minister Thein Swe, it is mentioned that the returning refugees must accept NVC that doesn’t undergo the 1982 citizenship law, and anyone among Refugees who violated the law must be accountable.

Even in 1982 citizenship law there are many desired options other than NVC to solve Rohingya citizenship crisis. To adopt those options Myanmar must have willingness and sincerity.

So-called criminals’ accountability is a clear signal to arrest more Rohingyas like other thousands who were already arrested and killed in detention or sentenced without any justice or legal procedure.

Local authorities in collaboration with Rakhine extremists haven’t stop their crimes against the remaining Rohingya like physical torture, graphic torments, arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings, and arson attacks.

Two Rohingya houses were burnt to ashes in Tetminchaung Village of Buthidaug Township on 23rd November at around 11:30 pm by Rakhine extremists with the support of local authorities.

There are ongoing atrocities in every part of Northern Arakan.

Refugees are not too stupid to go back to that hell or open prison again. The survivors of rape, bullet, arson, machete and other attacks are not fully recovered from their pain and injuries yet, but the MoU is signed with the exclusion of the main party in the deal, Rohingya representative. The traditional repatriation as in 1942, 1978 and 1992 should not reoccur in 21 century, a mere repatriation without any right ensured practically.

Rohingyas are displaced, their lives many lost, properties looted, homes burnt, villages destroyed, sacred places vandalized, dignity violated. Is not the MoU a laughingstock without justice for them and accountability for the perpetrators?

A refugee activist replied to a question about their willingness to repatriation that by the repatriation, the perpetrators must be taken into account, their fundamental rights including full citizenship must be ensured, IDPs and refugees must be resettled in their original places, all the prisoners must be released immediately, they must be protected by peace keeping forces in safe zone, their unmovable properties must be returned to their original owners and the movable properties looted or destroyed must be compensated. There maybe other demands for others.



By November 25, 2017 12:47
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