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Rohingya refugees: ‘No words’ to describe Bangladesh camps, Red Cross says

In southern Bangladesh’s muddy refugee camps, Rohingya Muslims who have fled what the UN terms “textbook” ethnic cleansing are fighting each other for scarce space and basic necessities, an aid worker has told the ABC.

Red Cross spokeswoman says conditions at the refugee camps are “catastrophic”

She says “well-meaning” people are battling each other for food and cash

More than 400,000 Rohingya refugees have fled to Bangladesh in a matter of weeks

“I have no words to describe what I’m seeing out there,” said International Federation of the Red Cross spokeswoman, Corinne Ambler of conditions in the impromptu refugee settlements currently spreading ever deeper into the forests near Bangladesh’s border with Myanmar.

“Wall-to-wall human suffering, that’s what it is.

“There’s little clean water, we’ve seen people fighting over money, over food, its undignified, and its catastrophic really.”

Myanmar’s military has for several weeks now been conducting operations it says are aimed at Muslim terrorists in Myanmar’s western Rakhine state.

A report says that the systematic violation of human rights against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine falls within a defined framework of genocide.

The brutal campaign has this week been labelled “ethnic cleansing” by the UN.

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