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Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Making Camps Far from Main Road Hardly Get Humanitarian Aids

Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Making Camps Far from Main Road Hardly Get Humanitarian Aids
September 21
17:12 2017

By RVision TV Correspondent

21st September, 2017

Teknaf, Bangladesh- From the recent exodus of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, many families who are making makeshift camps on the hills, far away from the main road, hardly get the humanitarian aids for which most of them are starving, reports a suffering refugee.

It is reported that many humanitarian workers or groups from all over Bangladesh and foreign countries as well are coming to Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar where newly arrived Rohingya refugees are taking shelter and are only allotting the aids among the people who are alongside the road that leads from Teknaf to Cox’s Bazar.

A hungry Rohingya with full of tears in the eyes said, “We are very grateful to the aid providers but they are not distributing the aids among all. They are giving everything to the refugees who are both side of the road. Perhaps, the aid providers do not know that there are more people who have taken shelter on the hills away from the road.

“As we are staying on the hills of Bagguna that lies between Tenghali and Falonghali near Kutupalong camp, no aid workers or groups come here to allocate something among us. We haven’t got anything within two weeks. And I have no money any more to feed me and my family. We have been starving since three days. As I cannot bear the sufferings of my children and my pain as well, I am unable to hold up my tears.”  

According to the refugees taking shelter in Bagguna hill situated in the west of the road, two local men, who claim the owners of the land, forcibly demand two thousands Taka per 6 square feet. But most of the refugees are not able to fulfill the demand and so, they are being threatened of beating, killing and taking the female away to RAPE.

Rohingyas are in a great humanitarian catastrophe due to military violence in Burma (Myanmar).  

The recent violence has sent nearly 500,000 Rohingya Muslims fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh but many remain in Burma hiding in fear of being killed or caught up in more violence without food and other supplies.

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