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Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Face Medical Crisis

By Md Elias

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh (Rohingya Vision) — Hundreds of unregistered Rohingya refugees at ‘Ledaa’ camps in Teknaf area, Cox’s Bazaar District, are facing severe medical crises following the expulsion NGOs from the camps, refugees in the camps say.

Earlier, some NGOs such as Muslim Aids used to provide medical assistances to the refugees. But the Bangladesh authorities have expelled those humanitarian NGOs rendering the refugees without any access to the healthcare facilities.

“We can’t go out for treatments because we are not registered. And we don’t have medical facilities here. Many people are suffering from different diseases.

We are in critical situation now,” said a refugee in the camps.

“We request all government bodies, INGOs, NGOs and humanitarians; and our leaders and activists to talk to Bangladesh’s government to provide a hospital for us in our camps. In that way, we will be able to get access to treatments and people may not face untimely demise,” he continued.

Although, there have been talks that IOM (International Organization for Migration) will work in the refugee camps to tackle the dire issues, no signs of its arrival to the camps have been seen yet.

Besides, the refugees in the camps are frequently attacked by the local Bangladeshi robbers. Therefore, they need to serve as night guards without sleeping well.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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