msa October 26, 2016

AJ Johar
RVision TV News

Maungdaw — Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development(RGNIYD, Chandigarh) along with Youth for Peace International and Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network organised the first Global Training of Trainers from from October 18 to October 22.

The event was attended by 40 delegates from 8 countries including  Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India. Mr. Ali Johar attended the event representing  ‘Genius Burmese Rohingya Youth Club’ as a refugee from Myanmar.

The training programme was full of experience sharing, knowledge giving and analyzing the conflict situations and then act upon them actually to build a culture of peace across the globe.

40 Youth Peace Ambassadors from 8 countries have come all the way to participate in the 5-day International Training of Trainers on Youth and Peace Building. All the participants have come with diverse experience, knowledge and expertise but with a common vision for world peace by meaningfully engaging as youth peace ambassadors in resolving conflict situation and creating a culture of peace. It will build up a clear body of theory, skills and greater understanding in organising, planning, facilitating, evaluating and follow-up of conflict transformation and peace building workshops, so that by the end of the training the participants will have improved competencies in all the critical areas. This workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for young people to learn from Youth Peace Ambassadors from different countries and replicate the innovative and successful models in their communities and countries in creating a sustainable culture of peace.
The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Ajatshatru, Certified Trainer, Play for Peace, Ms. Abha Jeurkar, Certified Trainer, Play for Peace and Ms. Mansi Panjwani, Consultant for Peace Education, New Delhi.

Among the 40 participants from 8 different countries,  there were Nobel peace prize nominee, women rights activist, lawyer, investor, social worker, president advisor, youth and peace building organs etc.

As a peace ambassador of my own country Myanmar and only refugee representative, I have shared my experience to the delegates of rest seven countries.

I also shared how UNHCR and other IPS’ working hard to reduce the suffering of refugees in India.

Moreover, I shared about all the people and organization who helped/helping me to stand beside the needy people around me.

The program has delivered me with commendable knowledge of the importance  of peace building and has given me an effective impact on how to use it on sessions of my upcoming endeavours.

Maj. Gen. Dilawar Singh, Director General, NYKS, GoI was the chief guest at the closing ceremony of the training. Participants shared their experience with the chief guest and Mr. Stanzin Dawa, Regional Director, RGNIYD, Regional Centre, Chandigarh. Mr. Stanzin Dawa in his talk appreciated the efforts put in by the facilitators for making this training a success. Quoting the quote from His Holiness Dalai Lama, he said that we have so many leaders and managers but to develop a culture of peace we need people with compassionate hearts and who can heal the pain of others. Mr. Stanzin Dawa also said that the real challenge in the process of peace building is how you are going to break the barriers, the borders and the bridges between the communities, families and countries so that everyone can live a life by choice not by chance. He explained with the help of a story that we will face many hurdles while walking on the pathway to peace, but we should always stick to our goal and ensure global peace. Maj. Gen. Dilawar Singh, Director General, NYKS, GoI in his talk appreciated the efforts put in by RGNIYD to organize this training programme and also the participants who have come all the way from their respective countries for building peace globally. He mentioned that if anybody who can develop a culture of peace globally is the youth of the country.

The training programme ended with the certificate distribution (Global Youth Peace Ambassador) and a fun video of the participants developed by Team RGNIYD.

Therefore, I am thankful to The Youth for Peace International, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development and Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network for selecting me as one of the 40 participants. I am also thankful to my organization “BOSCO” for giving me a chance to attend the training.

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