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Rohingya Refugee Attacked by Two Local Indians

Ali Johar

New Dehli (Rohingya Vision) — A Rohingya refugee was severely beaten by two local goons in New Dehli, India, yesterday morning.

The attack on the refugee took place around 9:30AM (Indian Standard Time) on September 7 as the victim was on his way to open his small grocery shop set up nearby the Rohingya Refugee Camps at ‘Khader Road.’

Later, the heavily injured and bleeding refugee was admitted to the emergency department of All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) for treatment.

“Mr. Fayazul Alam Feroz Ahmed, a Rohingya refugee in New Dehli, was on his way to open his grocery at ‘Khader Road’ (leading to the place called ‘Kalindi Gunj) around 9:30AM. Suddenly, two local Indian goons appeared and ambushed on him.

The goons were trying to snatch his mobile phones. But as the refugee was trying to save himself from being attacked and the phone from being snatched away, the local goons started to brutally beat him up,” said Mr. Khan, a refugee in New Dehli.

That caused him heavily injured on his head and subsequently, he started bleeding heavily.

It has been reported that the injury of the left side of his head was 5-inch deep down to the soft tissues of the head and required 10 stiches.

Mr. Fayazul Alam Feroz Ahmed, a Rohingya refugee in New Dehli, attacked by two local goons causing him severely injured. (Photo: Ali Johar)

The local police is said to have arrested one of goons-robbers after the incident.

The Rohingya refugees say that this is not the first time that such attacks on the refugees have taken place. Similar incidences have taken places against the refugees earlier.

Moreover, the Rohingya refugees in India are facing hard to survive and limbo over their future. They have no access to regular education, healthcare and proper employments. The UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) has refused them to look after the needs of the refugees and to resettle them to third countries.

[Edited my M.S. Anwar]

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