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Rohingya Property Plundered By Rakhine Hardliners

Rohingya Property Plundered By Rakhine Hardliners


By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondent | 18th May 2018

Buthidaung: A Rakhine former village administrator’s son-in-law plundered Rohingya’s cattle in a village of Buthidaung Township on 30th April 2018, according to reliable reports.

On evening of 30th April a Mogh (Rakhine) Saw Khin Htun son-in-law of Aye Kyaw Hla, former village administrator of Nga Piyu Chuang village of Gu Dam Para (Gu Dar Pyin) village track in southern Buthidaung, stole an ox from a Rohingya named to be Jafar Ahmad bin Muhammed Hussan, 62,  while the ox with his other cattle in the shed.


Cattle in Arakan (Rakhine) Township. File photo


“On that day around 11:30 PM the ox was sent to Rathedaung Township and sold” said a local in Gu Dar Pyin village. While the ox was confined with Saw Khin Htun it was witnessed by a cattleman of Hpoe Khaung Chaung village. But Aye Kyaw Hla father-in-law of Saw Khin Htun denied the claim and said it was freed after a while.




“Son-in-law of Aye Kyaw Hla is a Mogh (Rakhine) extremist endlessly burgling from different Rohingya in Buthidaung and he is an active member of Mogh rebel group known as Arakan Army (AA)” he continued.

Recently Buthidaung Township become a looting zone for the authorities and Moghs (Rakhines), mainly after forcing nearly a million of Rohingya to neighboring Bangladesh.


Rohingya refugee workers carrying bags of salt this month in a processing yard in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Image: REUTERS


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