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Rohingya Project holds its first Supporters Workshop

By Rohingya Vision TV | 21st January 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Rohingya Project, a grassroots initiative seeking to empower the stateless Rohingya using Blockchain technology, organized its first workshop for its supporters and volunteers at its office.

The Rohingya Project is targeting a central issue the Rohingya diaspora face as a result of statelessness: financial exclusion. Many second and third generation stateless Rohingya live on the margins in their host societies and encounter significant obstacles in generating a livelihood and keeping themselves out of poverty.

The workshop was organized to introduce interested members of the public to the mission of the project, its immediate goals and how they can assist the project in its operations.

The workshop included over 20 Rohingya and non-Rohingya attendees, ranging from students, trainers, researchers, project managers and others, and was chaired by the Project Co-Founder, Mr Muhammad Noor, and the Project Director, Mr Saqib Sheikh.

Mr Noor opened the workshop with an emotional description of the struggles faced by the undocumented stateless Rohingya worldwide and the critical need to address the financial exclusion resulted by their statelessness.

 [Mr Noor Initiating the workshop]

The goal of the Project is to connect these Rohingya to opportunities to learn, equip and empower themselves and the wider Rohingya diaspora through technology and empowerment.

Through the creation of a secure and international Blockchain-leveraged ecosystem, those Rohingya who for years have been sidelined can be given access to a range of financial applications and other services to encourage collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship which were discussed openly in the workshop.

Mr Sheikh then described the overall action plan to create an efficient, secure and transparent digital financial ecosystem through Blockchain that can be accessed through a Digital ID as an access key.

[Project Manager Mr Sheikh]

The attendees were then briefed on the different areas for support of the Rohingya Project in the upcoming months, and how each participant can join an area based on his or her expertise.

These areas include Administrative, IT & Technology, Research, Rohingya Community Engagement and Farming initiatives with the Rohingya.

Mr Noor stressed the need towards the end for the Rohingya attendees to show their initiative in helping the project as it strives to be a Rohingya-led endeavor and requires community representation.

[Mr Noor concluding the workshop, explaining the details of the collaboration area with supporters existing potential]

The platform will tap into the entrepreneurial potential of the Rohingya community and offer options to counter their exclusion from the mainstream.

Over time, the Project will strive to be a space where the stateless Rohingya can organize themselves and support their own on-the-ground and virtual initiatives to further their community’s interests. While the world may know the Rohingya now as only victims, the Rohingya Project’s mission is to bring their dignity back.

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