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Rohingya Physically Assaulted For the Rejection of Forced Repatriation

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 13th November 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: An area supervisor and another common Rohingya were physically assaulted by the Camp in Charge (CIC) officers at a makeshift camp of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh in two separate incidences on 11thNovember 2018, according to victims’ testimonial videos.

A Rohingya area in-charge of Block B in Camp no. 21, Chakmarkul was physically tortured with beatings and stepping on his throat by Bangladeshi Camp in Charge officers of that area, when he failed to submit the list of the Rohingya for the upcoming forceful repatriation.

Ataullah, Rohingya area in charge of camp – 21 of Chakmarkul tortured by Camp in Charge officers on 11th November 2018. Image: RVISION TV

The victim was identified to Ataullah and he said the officers beat him with a heavy object and later stepped on his throat and tried to suffocate him.

“The CIC officers tortured me as you can see all over my body, those officers not only tortures Rohingya but they are also corrupted,” says Ataullah in his testimonial video.

Noor Muhammed’s wife, explains how her husband was tortured by Camp in Charge officers on 11th November 2018. Video: Social media

On the same day, another common Rohingya from the same area was also heavily beaten by the Camp in Charge officers. When the victim went to withdraw his family’s name from the list of repatriation, which was deceived and taken earlier from his wife by using the name of ration list.

The victim is named to be Noor Muhammed, who had a recent surgery on his body. Now he is in a critical health condition and was heard to be hospitalized.

Earlier, he was away from his home for work, when his wife was deceived by the officers to take their names. In doing so, they said they are taking names for the purpose of ration distribution.

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Since the announcement of Burma-Bangladesh forced repatriation, which is likely to commence after two days have created an alarming situation in the camps, where stories of abuse, torture, and force are emerging to forcefully return the Rohingya back in the genocidal operations.

Following that, Rohingya in different camps were seen in multiple demonstrations in rejection to this repatriation and they denounced that they will not go back at any cost without fulfilling their deserved demands, while they are on the soil of Bangladesh.

Since late 2016, Bangladesh is sheltering nearly 1.3 million nearly arrived Rohingya, who fled inhumane massacre at the hands of Burmese genocidal regime.

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