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Rohingya Once Again Denied to Return through a Protest

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 12th November 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: Flocks of Rohingya were seen in a protest today (12th November) at a makeshift camp of Cox’s Bazaar in denial to their forceful repatriation, which will be starting from mid-November, reports a protesting Rohingya.

More than a hundred Rohingya were out in the streets of Zadimura, Shalbagan, D5- camp to protest in denial of returning to Arakan (Rakhine), Burma.

Rohingya women at the protest today at Zadimura makeshift camp today (12th November 2018). Image: RVISION TV.

Since the beginning of this forceful repatriation, Rohingya have rejected this deal repeatedly and demanded for justice, international protection and UN peace keeping force in their repatriation.

In the protest today, Rohingya women, children and men were seen to chant by saying “We will not return, will not go back”.

When asked about the protest, a man said “we know Burma-Bangladesh did this planning from earlier by taking our data though the smart cards. And since that time they kept torturing the Rohingya to accept those”.

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“We will not go back until all our demands are fulfilled, while sheltering at Bangladesh, then only we will return,” explains another Rohingya from the protest.

Following are their demands in prior to their voluntary repatriation:

  1. All Mogh (Rakhine) villages built on Rohingya property must be erupted and given back to original owners.
  2. Rohingyas from internally displaced people’s camp (IDPs) must be returned to their original land and their homes must be rebuilt.
  3. Burma must give back Rohingya’s citizenship by ensuring their native status.

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To halt this forceful repatriation, Rohingya from all age groups requested and pleaded to United Nations and international community to pressurize Burma and ensure them justice and their deserved human rights before any talk of actual repatriation.

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