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Rohingya in Northern Arakan Fear of Arson Attacks by Rakhine Terrorists

MYARF Report

28th March 2014

Northern Maungdaw, Arakan– Local Rohingyas in northern Maungdaw confirm that many Bengali Rakhines (Maghs) with lethal weapons have crossed the Bangladesh-Myanmar border and sneaked into Maungdaw. They are now staying in Rakhine villages and No. 10 Regional Security Camps in northern Maungdaw.

“Around 11:30PM yesterday (i.e. on 27th March 2014), the No.10 Security Force camp [(at the village of Zeebyin Chaung (Ziyaung Khali)] of Taung-Byo sub-township) ordered approximately one hundred Rohingya villagers of Kuwar Bil village to stop being sentinels to their village. Some of them were keeping their eyes on any Rakhine extremists intruding into their village to attack their people and others were giving security within their village. The Security Force asked the villagers to stop giving security to their village and go to their respective homes immediately.

When they hesitated to stop doing sentry duty and leave for their homes, the security force from the camps fired warningshots forcing the people to leave their sentry duty. As soon as the people left for their homes, there were reports that many armed Rakhine terrorists crossed the Bangladesh-Myanmar border and entered the Security Force camp and are staying in it. Simultaneously, the Rakhine village of administrator of Attet Pyuma, an adjacent village of Kuwar Bil, ordered the villagers on sentry duty keeping watch over nearby Rakhine village to stop doing that and go home. According to them, Rakhine terrorists entered the Rakhine village after they had left the place.

Around 7:30PM on 27th March 2014, an Oxen hut belonged to U Iliyas burnt to ashes. He is a local of Ye Twing Chaung (Rammyar Bil), nothern Maungdaw. The fire took place at the outskirt of the village. Locals believe the fire began from the chemical power used by Rakhine terrorists (to put Rohingya homes on fire).

The situation of Rohingya in the downtown of Maungdaw is extremely vulnerable and perilous as well. Rakhine (Magh) terrorists are going violent and trying to create chaos. Military and Security Force are being deployed. Rohingyas are extremely worried especially because of the fact that Rakhine terrorists attack Rohingyas under the shadow and protection of the government forces.

 – Buthidaung, Arakan

Around 2:30PM yesterday (i.e. on 27th March 2014), the village of administrator (a Rakhine extremists) of Nyaung Chaung village, Buthidaung township, stopped and severely tortured two young Islamic students believed to be from Rathedaung township while they were going through Nyaung Chaung and a Natala village on their way home. Besides, he looted Kyat 40,000 they had in them.