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Rohingya Muslims with Citizenship Cards in Myebon to Be Scrutinized

By Ne Myo Win ׀ Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Displaced Rohingyas at Taung Paw IDP Camp Myebon
Displaced Rohingyas at Taung Paw IDP Camp Myebon

Rohingya Muslims with (Pink-Colored) Citizenship Cards in Myebon Township will be scrutinized by (forming) a Special Investigation Team, said U Aung Win, a Rakhine State MP representing No.1 Constituency, Myebon Township, referring to a promise by Myanmar’s Immigration Director.

Extremist section of Rakhine community held a meeting at Tayoketan (Chinese Row) Quarter in Myebon Township on June 21, 21014. Around 300 Rakhines are said to have attended the meeting. They, at the end of the meeting, came out with a resolution to demand the government to scrutinize Muslims with Pink Citizenship Card in Myebon Township.

Speaking to Narinjara News Agency, U Aung Win said that Immigration Director has already promised them to scrutinize (Rohingya) Muslims holding Pink Citizenship Cards in Myebon by forming a Special Investigation Team.

“Government has issued Pink Citizenship Cards Bengalis (Rakhines’ term for Rohingya). We have demanded the government to scrutinize the Muslims with these cards. In return, the Immigration Director has promised us to fulfill our demands” said Aung Win to Narinjara News Agency.

On the other hand, Myanmar Government has started to force Rohingyas both at displaced camps and villages in Myebon Township to accept the tag of “Illegal Bengali Immigrants.”

“The government has cornered Rohingya people here. They can’t find ways to escape. The government advances three steps forward to oppress us and goes one step back to make people feel that they (the government) want to help people. In this way, the government achieves its target. They have threatened the people using different techniques. At the same time, they coaxed the people with false promises. Therefore, few people were not able to think twice and fell into government’s trap” said local Rohingya Muslim of Myebon declining to be identified.

“Besides, it has been learnt that they will scrutinize us according to 1982 Citizenship Law. It can make us foreigners on a land we have been living for centuries. It can get rid of our rights to own lands, houses, businesses and so on. It is an obvious violation of human rights” he added.

All in all, it can be concluded that Myanmar government is taking two moves simultaneously.

1)         Scrutinizing Rohingyas with citizenships to strip off their citizenships.

2)         Forcing Rohingyas without pink citizenship cards to accept “Illegal Bengali” Tag.

Note: Rakhine extremists tend to blatantly put Kaman Muslims together with Rohingya Muslims in one category as Bengalis because of the same creed. There are thousands of Kaman Muslims living in Myebon. 

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