Rohingya migrants released from jail in Bangladesh

By March 12, 2015 03:55

Rohingya migrants released from jail in Bangladesh

More than 100 innocent Rohingya migrants have been released from jail in Bangladesh after a high-speed chase and gunfight on March 6 left one Bangladeshi border guard wounded, sources told The Myanmar Times.

After a tip-off, Bangladeshi border guards stopped a convoy of over 300 Rohingya migrants from Myanmar who were travelling near Cox’s Bazar on the morning of March 6, according to Reuters.

Fighting ensued and one border guard was shot. Reuters quoted an immigration official who said that 136 Rohingya migrants who had recently crossed the border were detained in the skirmish and then deported back to Myanmar.

But news agencies in Bangladesh reported that the clashes involved human traffickers and resulted in the jailing of 108 migrants pending repatriation arrangements. The UN Refugee Agency said the migrants have now been released.

“We heard from sources that the 108 individuals were not sent back to Myanmar but were released in Bangladesh once they were identified as long-term residents,” said Vivian Tan, a spokesperson for the UNHCR in Bangkok.

Myanmar immigration officials claimed to know nothing of the incident, but did say that the migrants would not be allowed back to Myanmar unless they could prove their citizenship status. Many Rohingya, who are forcefully  officially  referred to as Bengali in Myanmar, do not hold citizenship documents.

“No one can claim they are from Myanmar if they don’t have legal identity. Some illegal migrants came to Myanmar from Bangladesh,” said U Khin Soe, director of theArakan ( Rakhine) State immigration office.

The Bangladeshi embassy in Myanmar did not respond to repeated requests for comment about the episode.

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Source:The Myanmar Times.




By March 12, 2015 03:55

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