msa June 18, 2015

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) shot at a Rohingya man as he was trying to help a diarrhoea patient in northern Maungdaw last Sunday night.

The Border Guard Police personnel fired at him thrice. One of the shots hit and pierced his thigh and other two bullets grazed past his body injuring the innocent Rohingya man critically.

A local in the village have reported the account in details as mentioned below.

“The daughter of Hussein (son of) Noor Ahmed hails from ‘Attet Phyuma’ village fell severely sick with Diarrhoea. As her condition was getting worse, her mother sought the help of, U Iliyaas (son of) U Khalu, a man of her relatives, on around 12:15AM Monday (morning). She asked the man to help her in getting her daughter admitted to ‘Nga Kura’ hospital.

U Iliyaas said that it was curfew time and he would need to go the BGP camp in the village for permission to go outside at the time. As he came out with the lady (the mother of the patient), they met with two Border Guard Police personnel deployed at a sentry post by the BGP Commander to guard the region at night. One of the two BGP started to look at the woman with bad intentions and ogling at her. And he said that he would accompany her to the camp for permission and asked U Iliyaas not to go along with them.

Therefore, U Iliyaas replied that a woman should go to the camp along with a stranger man (the BGP Personnel) at night time. Therefore, BGP started to argue with him leading to quarrel between them.

At the end, U Iliyaas stopped arguing with the BGP personnel. He along with his relative woman started to walk away. As he walked 20 feet away, the BGP started firing at him. One shot hit his thigh and other two shots grazed past his body. It caused him heavy bleeding and critical injuries.

Fifteen after the incident, hearing the sounds of the gunshots, the commander of the BGP camp in ‘Ngakura’ arrived at the place. He took the culprit BGP personnel as well as other six personnel posted at the sentry along with the injured victim to the camp.”

After that, it has been learnt that the victim was admitted to the ‘Ngakura’ hospital and transferred to Maungdaw Hospital the next day. However, the diarrhoea patient was unable to go to hospital for treatment because of the brutal behaviour by the BGP personnel. However, no one can go to see the condition of U Iliyaas because five BGP personnel assigned to stop anyone going to see him. Therefore, his family members are said to be extremely worried.

The Border Guard Police from the Nga Kura Camp in cooperation with Rakhine extremists from ‘Auk Phyuma’ village brutally killed an innocent Rohingya man, U Sayed Ahmed (son of) U Noor Alam, hails from ‘Attet Phyuma’ village.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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