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Rohingya Man Sent to Prison for Staying Overnight in nearby Village

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – An innocent Rohingya man in Maungdaw Township was sent to Buthidaung prison at the beginning of October for staying overnight in his nearby village.

The victim, U Bilal (son of) U Abdu Sattar, hails from ‘Pa Nyaung Pin Gyi (Dang Khali)’ village in southern Maungdaw. He was on a visit to his mother-in-law’s house in his nearby village, Gawdu Thara (Gawdusara), at the end of September 2015.

It has been learnt that He U Saw Hla, a Rakhine extremist and administrator of Gawdu Thara village, and his henchmen arrested him from his mother-in-law’s home at night. And they accused him of staying overnight in the village without the obtaining permission from the village administration.

They demanded Kyat 2 Million ransom from staying in the village overnight.

He (the victim) responded “my home is just 10-minutes-walk from here. I will go back home. I won’t stay here overnight. So, why should I give you Kyat 2 Million for that?

Therefore, the administrator handed him over to the Border Guard Police at the camp nearby ‘Gawdu Thara’ bridge charging him of illegally travelling to Bangladesh. There, Major Nyein Chan Aye, the commander of the camp, also demanded Kyat 2 Million ransom.

Since he was consistent to refuse to pay ransom for a charge he was never guilty of, the BGP commander sent him to the BGP detention cell in Buthidaung Prison at the beginning of this October.

Moreover, the ‘Gawdu Thara village administrator’ has been extorting money from the innocent local villagers under arbitrary allegations and by threats.

“Some people have lost their marriage permission issued during the time of *NaSaKa after June 2012 violence. U Saw Hla accuses them of marrying without permission. And he extorts money from them.

If anybody travels away from his/her village, he accuses him/her of illegally travelling to Bangladesh for money.

If any guest visits any villager’s home, he accuses him/her of not obtaining permission to stay in the village and many things. He tortures and mentally tortures the villagers.

He makes the lives of the villagers so difficult to live on,” said an elderly Rohingya in a nearby village.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

Note: Every Rohingya needs permission to travel from village to village or township to township. Similarly, they need to obtain permission from the concerned authorities in the places where they visit or stay at.

 *NaSaKa= the former and now-disbanded Border Security Forces in Burma. They were known as Rohingya Exterminating Machine and succeeded by the current Border Guard Police (BGP). The BGP, same people in different uniforms and using the oppressing system of their predecessors against the Rohingyas, have turned to be worse.

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