Rohingya Man Killed, Unidentified Corpse of Rohingya Woman Found

By December 7, 2015 11:58

Rohingya Man Killed, Unidentified Corpse of Rohingya Woman Found

By Rohingya Mirror

Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – A Rohingya man was killed by the Rakhine extremists in Buthidaung Township last Tuesday, whereas an unidentified corpse of a Rohingya woman was also found, according to reliable sources.

The Rakhine extremists aboard on a big boat attacked three Rohingyas hail from Buthidaung Township while they were on their way back from Rathedaung Township killing one of them, while other two managed to escape alive. And the dead body of the unidentified Rohingya woman seemed to be pregnant was found while looking for the missing man later found to be dead also.

A local man in Buthidaung, referring to the eyewitnesses/the victims, reported the whole account of the unfortunate events as follows.

“Mr. Abdu Ghani Ismail, 27, from Plot 3, ‘Phaya Pyin Aung Pha’ village tract; Mr. Mohammed Hashim Jamal, 27, from ‘Zaykun Tan’ hamlet of , ‘Phaya Pyin Aung Pha’ village tract; and Mr. Mohammed Ullah Taher from ‘Dudan 2’ hamlet of ‘Pharung Chaung village tract went to ‘Kyauk Phyu Taung’ Rakhine village in Rathedaung Township on December 1.

The purpose their visit to the village was to make some deals of trading livestock (cattle and buffaloes) with their Rakhine partners in the village. As they were coming back to Buthidaung by a small engine boat in the evening, a big boat appeared with a group of Rakhine extremists on board. The Rakhine extremists deliberately hit the small boat boarding the three Rohingyas.

And the Rakhine extremists forcibly took Mohammed Hashim on their boat, while the other two, Abdu Ghani and Mohammed Ulllah, fell off the boat in the river and managed to escape. However, Abdu Ghani lost two teeth and Mohammed Taher lost one of his eye-sight and got injured in his leg as the Rakhine extremists whacked them with the peddles while they were swimming away from the attack.

Meanwhile, the extremist terrorists ganged up and brutally beat him up on their boat. While he was almost dying and unmovable, he was thrown into the river. And he got drown. After that, the Rakhine extremists left the place with their boat.

The two people managed to escape alive went to the family of Mohammed Hashim and informed about his possible death. So, his family and villagers went to look for him. But he was nowhere to be found.

The next morning on December 2, his villagers along with the fishermen from ‘Thammi Hla’ village, went out to look for him. While looking for him, they found a dead body of a Rohingya woman. She (her body) was naked and was found pregnant. However, the people could not identify where she was from.

The authorities came to the place for investigation upon the report. After that, she was given funeral and buried in ‘Thammi Hla’ village.

Coming on December 5 around 2:00AM, the fishermen in ‘Thay Kan’ village found the swelled dead body of Mohammed Hashim at the river bank. Therefore, they informed his family members. The family members went to the place to claim the body and take it back home.

However, the authorities prevented them from bringing it home. Around 6:00AM, the body was taken to the Buthidaung Police station for investigation. In the evening, the police handed the body over to his family members after extorting some money from them.

However, the family members again had to pay money to the Border Guard Police (BGP) in Nyaung Chaung when they brought the body back home as they were preventing the funeral saying they would need to further investigate.”

On top of these killings of innocent Rohingyas by the Rakhine extremist terrorists, one more Rohingya was brutally killed in Pauktaw Township (Read Report: HERE). However, no authorities seem to stop the Rakhine extremists from killing innocent human beings. On the other hand, the international community has been silent on the ongoing Genocide of Rohingyas since June 2012.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By December 7, 2015 11:58

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