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By RVision TV Correspondent | December 23, 2016

Maungdaw – A Rohingya man was found dead in northern Maungdaw on Thursday (Dec 22) morning – and is believed to have been decapitated by a group of Rakhine extremists, reliable sources reported.

A group of fishermen discovered the victim identified to be Dous Mohammed (39), s/o Bodiuz Zaman lying at the river-bank of the ‘Kappa Gaung’ in northern Maungdaw about 7:00 am on December 22. The victim is a local of the village of ‘Ngakura (Nagpura)’, the sources added.

The assailants behind the decapitation of the Rohingya man are believed to be a gang of Rakhine extremists backed by the Myanmar military from the same village, Ngakura.

A local, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said “we saw him with some Rakhine extremists at a tea shop and after that, he went away from the shop along with them on Monday evening. They were quite friendly at that moment. However, he hasn’t returned since then and the next morning, his body was found decapitated at the river-bank of Kappa Gaung.”

The man killed was one of some daring youths that come forward to raise voice for the local Rohingya community in the region. Earlier in the morning on Thursday, he met the media team formed by the Myanmar’s Information Ministry (MOI) and spoke on behalf of the oppressed people in the region.

And the media team — formed with some journalists handpicked by the Information Ministry itself in the backdrop of the international pressure to allow the INDEPENDENT media/journalists to look into the reports of the crimes of Genocide against the Rohingya population have been emerging from northern Maungdaw since October 9 – ended its visit to the region on Thursday (Dec 22).

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