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Rohingya Lumberjack Die after Getting Under the Wood-Log

By Rohingya Mirror

Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — A Rohingya lumberjack hired by Myanmar’s Border Police (BGP) died after getting stuck under a wood-log in Buthidaung Township yesterday, according to a reliable source.

The victim is identified to be Mr. Khairul Bashar Abdul Majid, 30, hails from ‘Dudan Thaik’ hamlet of ‘Pharun Chaung’ village tract, Buthidaung Township.

It has been reported that the BGP from ‘Nyaung Chaung’ camp in cooperation with the Military from ‘Sein Nyein Phyar’ camp hire Rohingya lumberjacks to cut wood-logs from the forest without the permission from the forestry department and the township administration. And then, they directly sell them to Rakhine wood-business men in Sittwe.

“Mr. Salimullah Iman Hussein is a local of ‘Pharun Chaung Praing Taung’ hamlet of ‘Pharun Chaung’ village tract. He, under the directions of his bosses such the BGP and the Military hire Rohingya lumberjacks to cut woods from the forest. They all together steal woods from the mountain and do illegal wood business. 

He hired 15 lumberjacks yesterday to cut woods from the ‘Mayu’ mountain yesterday. Around 8:00AM yesterday, while they were cutting woods, the wood-log fell upon the leader of the lumberjacks, Mr. Khairul Bashar. And he died immediately.

His dead body was taken to ‘Pharun Chaung’ village around 3:30PM of the day. However, later, instead of handing over his dead body to his family members, the BGP sent his body to the Buthidaung Police Station on pretext of examination of the body,” said a source close to the victim’s family.

“No compensation to his family was given either,” the source added.

Mr. Salimullah is a strongman of the BGP and is complicit with them in torturing the innocent local Rohingyas and extorting money from them. He has been pressuring the locals to accept “the Green Cards, ID Cards for Applications of Citizenship Verification.”

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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