MD July 23, 2016


Buthidaung: Na Ta La village head U Maung Kyi extorted money from Arakanese Rohingya land owners by threatening them to seize their cultivable lands nearby Na Ta La villagers’ lands in Paroon Chaung Village Tract, Buthiduand Township, Arakan, a local said.

On 17 July, The Na Ta La village head of Payar Pyin Aung Pa Village Tract with his members namely (1) U Maung Nyon Wey, son of U Shwe Hla,(2) U Aung Win Wey, son of U Shwe Tha Nu, (3) Noor Alam, son of Sultan and (4) Mohammod Alam, son of Sultan came to Du Dan village, Paroon Chaung Village Tract and threated the Rohingya land owners whose lands are adjacent to the lands of Na Ta La villagers saying that their lands are included in form (4), which means the document of making owners of seized lands from Rohingyas by military government,  and so village head has the right to seize the lands.

The village head forced the landlord to pay a huge sum to settle the issue otherwise he would seize the land using his military connection. Na Ta La village is an illegal settlement placed by the Burmese Military and government on Rohingya lands with illegal Bengali Buddhist from Bangladesh.

Following are the victims of money extortion

1) Bodu, aged 45, son of Lal Miya was extorted money 200 thousands kyats,
2) Hason, aged 52, son of Hamidur Rahman was extorted money 104 thousands Kyats,
3) Maulana Adu Rakim, aged 59, son of 104 thousands and
4) Kalu, aged 65, son of Abu Bokor was extorted money 300 thousands.

Some of the village heads are given immunity by Local authorities and militaries to extort money from poor people and divide among themselves.

[Edited by M.Shuaib]

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