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A Rohingya IDP Woman Die in Sittwe Due to Lack of Medication

By H Kyaw

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rohingya Dies as she was deprived of right to medication.

Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan– A 35-year-old internally displaced Rohingya woman hail from Kyauktaw Township died in Sittwe Hospital on 24th May 2014. She was suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding and was not able to receive medical treatment in time.

“Daw Azarah Khatun, Age 35, (daughter of) Abdu Sattar and (spouse of) Mohammed Yunose, was from the village of Kanbaw, Kyauktaw Township. She was suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding. Her relatives tried to admit her to Kyauktaw Government hospital on emergency. But there is no admission for Rohingya patients to the hospital.

Therefore, her relatives, having spent more than Kyat 100,000, brought her to Sittwe Hospital. She was admitted to the hospital around 10:00AM on 24th May 2014. But by then, it was too late. She passed away two hours after she had been admitted to Sittway Hospital. And the hospital authority did postmortem to her dead body in such a way that was disgusting to see.

She was discharged from the hospital around 11:00AM on 26th May 2014. She was buried in Aung Mingalar quarter on 27th May 2014. She left five children behind. They are:

1)       Jannat Begum (Age 14) (Female)

2)       Mohammed Iliyas (Age 11) (Male)

3)       Shada Begum (Age 9) (Female)

4)       Amajan (Age 6) (Female)

5)       Shakira Begum (Age 3) (Female)” said the caretaker of the deceased.

“We have no opportunities for medications. There are no INGOs to assist displaced Rohingyas in Kyauktaw. We receive no aids. Besides, we can’t have medical treatment in government hospital at all” she added.

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