msa May 30, 2014

Friday, April 30, 2014

( State-sponsored violence collaborated by extremist section of Rakhine Buddhist society has displaced more than 140,000 Rohingya Muslims all over Arakan state (now called Rakhine state) in Myanmar since June 2012. They have been being persecuted beyond imagination since then. Rohingyas in townships such as Sittwe (Akyab), Pauktaw and Kyaukphyu have been the hardest hit areas of all other regions in the state. Their villages and quarters have been not only plundered and razed but also wiped out of the map. These 140,000 internally displaced people have forced to live in squalid and concentration camps. Almost one-seventh of the displaced people live in the camps called Nget-Chaung in Pauktaw Township.

Rohingyas -children, young and old alike- in the camps have been facing acute humanitarian crises such as shortage of foods, lack of sanitized water and absolute lack of medications. Besides, another daunting problem they face is that they do not have proper shelter place, even roads and places within the premise of and surrounding the camps are full of dangerous drains and holes in the ground. As monsoon season approaches in Myanmar, there is going to heavily rain and the drains may become even more dangerous. Especially for children! In fact, the rain has already started.

“A two-year-old Rohingya IDP girl, Zarina Khatun (daughter of) Abdu Shukkor and Fatima Khatun, fell in a drain in camp premise on 26th May 2014 evening. She became very critical. I treated her. Consequently, Alhamdulillah, she became well” said Rohang Maung, an informal healthcare provider treating people in the camps after International NGOs and their professional doctors had been ousted of the state by the state-backed violent Rakhine mob in March 2014.

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