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Updated: Internally Displaced Rohingyas Arbitrarily Arrested and Tortured All Over Arakan

Updated: Internally Displaced Rohingyas Arbitrarily Arrested and Tortured All Over Arakan
August 19
05:48 2013

MS Anwar

RvisionTV News

August 19, 2013

Sittway, Arakan– Since a few days ago, Myanmar Security Force (Hlun Htein) have started arbitrarily arresting and detaining internally displaced Rohingyas in Akyab (Sittway), Min-Bra, Mrau-U and other parts of Arakan. They are carrying out indiscriminate arrests in the IDP camps in Sittway such as Nansi, Ohn Daw Gyi, Thay Chaung, Bawdu Pha and others. The reasons for the arrests are unknown.

“Hlun Htein are arresting Internally Displaced Rohingyas for no good reasons. The apparent reasons for the arrests of the people are their recent protests to release the detained innocent Rohingya intellectuals and blockages of the roads to the IDP camps. In the lock-up, they severely torture all the innocent people arrested and force them to reveal who protested and who blocked the roads.

Yesterday, many innocent children were arrested and severely beaten. They were interrogated on the same (above-mentioned) questions. But these innocent children did not have ideas on that. However, in their inability to suffer tortures, they simply took the names of the people from the village of Pa-Laung-Pyin nearby the river. Though the village is under Pauktaw Township and has nothing to do with what happened recently in Sittway, Hlun Htein started raiding and plundering the village. They chased and arrested two innocent people. (Details will be published soon.)

Besides, within last few days, two Rohingya youths from Ohn Daw Gyi Camps were arrested and beaten so severely that they now look like half-dead. They were later handed over to Police Station 1, Sittway, and subsequently charged under false allegations. They are

1) Mohammed Toyub S/o Hashim (Age-17) (Arrested on 18th August 2013)

2) Mohammed Zubair S/o Mohammed Shariff (Age 21) (arrested on 17th August 2013).

Therefore, local Rohingyas in Sittway are extremely worried and living in fear every day” reported a local of Sittway.


A Glimpse on Rohingya IDP Camps (Photo: AFP)

A Glimpse on Rohingya IDP Camps (Photo: AFP)



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