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Cox’s Bazaar: To Restore Dignity, Rohingya Helds Multiple Demonstrations

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 2nd July 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: Different Rohingya organizations in makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar have held multiple demonstrations, demanding justice and restoring their rights consecutively, on 1st and 2nd July, 2018, reports our sources.

Rohingya hailing in Kutupalong and Baluhali two, initially started the demonstrations in their area on Sunday, 1st July. In both the areas, demonstrations were organized by a Rohingya organization named, Voice of Rohingya.


Rohingya held demonstration on 1st July 2018, at Kutupalong, Cox’s Bazaar. Image: RVISION TV


There, Rohingya expressed their fear and doubts over the repatriation MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed between Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh.

Demonstrations held on that day was specially done to raise the repatriation concerns and express the doubts they have over it.

“If we accepted the name Myanmar Muslim, we wouldn’t be here (camps) today. So, in the MOU what’s the point of writing it. We will never go back, if we are not granted citizenship with the name Rohingya”, shouted a Rohingya in the demonstration held in Kutupalong camp.



Rohingya demonstration  in Balukhali 2 area of Cox’s Bazaar, on 1st July 2018. Image by: RVISION TV.


Similar demonstration was also held in Balukhali two area, where hundreds expressed their similar fear and doubts by holding banners and pamphlets.

Today in UN Secretary-general António Guterres and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim visit in Kutuplaong, the same body “Voice of Rohingya” again organized another demonstration since early morning.

In prior to UN delegations’ visit in Kutupalong camp today, this similar protest was organized to elaborate the massacre that they went through in the hand of Burmese regime and explain their demands as a human being before any talks of actual repatriation can take place.



Rohingya holding banners in demonstration organized by Voice of Rohingya in Kutupalong area of Cox’s Bazaar today. Image by: RVISION TV.


In the demonstrations they thanked Bangladeshi government for their kind hospitality and hosting them in their land. Beside they also thanked international NGOs, countries and individuals, that helped them so far.

Another Rohingya organization named Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights (ARSPH) also held demonstration at Kutupalong camp, demanding similar demands like other demonstrations in the area.


Rohingya demostration held under Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights (ARSPH) today at Kutupalong. Image: RVISION TV.


UN chief and other delegates arrived at Kutupalong at 2:20 pm and left about at 3:50 pm. In their 1 hour and 30 minutes visit, the UN delegates met two sets of Rohingya separately.

In both the meetings, UN Chief met Rohingya of different age groups and genders, including rape victims and orphans.


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In meetings Rohingya forwarded their demands and expressed their fear over repatriation MOU signed between Burma and Bangladesh. They also expressed doubts over recent smart cards distributed in the camps, where Rohingya’s were identified as Myanmar Muslim.

Besides MOU and smart cards, Rohingya expressed deep concerns about the food distribution and education system in the makeshift camps and said their children’s future seems to be in dark, if ongoing situation continues.

Due to multiple demonstrations ahead of UN chief’s visit, length of demonstrations was as long as 1 mile in the Kutupalong area today. Demonstrations started at about 9:00 am and ended after 11:00 am.


Rohingya holding banners in demonstration held prior to UN Chief’s visit at Kutupalong camp on 1st July 2018. Image: RVISION TV


Rohingya’s demands in English:

Read the demands in Burmese as well’s Demand in Burmese-.pdf

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