RVISION November 10, 2016

Analysis by: MD Noor

Rohingya are the descendants of the ancient inhabitants of Arakan, genealogically linked up with people of Vesali, Chandra and Dannavati to indo-Arian.

Rohingya Muslims are forced to live without basic human needs and rights in general situation. The Burmese government has refused to accept them as the citizen of Burma.

Neither education nor employment opportunities are available for Muslims. Lack of proper treatment in case of illness as well as restrictions of movement and the border guard police receive fines in innovative ways from innocent Rohingyas.

These circumstances make tough the lives of Rohingya Muslims.

From 9 October 2016 once again military started raids on Muslim population, looting their properties, wrapping their women, threatenuing & forced them to leave their homes, burning the mosques & homes, arresting and killing them ruthlessly.

Why the Burmese government, military, BGP and Buddhist are making their lives tough?

Why do they all together want to eliminate Rohingya Muslims?

Just to being “Rohingya Muslim” is their crime?

No, there are some other ulterior facts and reasons behind it which are ignored by international community.

To being Rohingya Muslim is not only reason for the persecution of Muslims but also the presence of natural and mineral resources in the land of Arakan is a major issue.

Arakan is highly rich in natural resources, which is why the eyes of global powers are on the Arakan to get those natural resources.

The Arakan region comprises 14,200 square miles of land that’s equal to five countries Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore and Brunei in terms of natural resources and acreage.

There are four major river in Arakan. Around 1 million megawatts of electricity can be produce from those rivers, according to a report .which is enough to fulfill electricity power requirements of Arakan and also Chittagong and 3 or 4 state of Burma .Topic is not over here, rather electricity can be produced equal to four rivers from only one waterfall of foimali (area of Buthidaung town) Arakan.

Now, let’s talk about another resource “coal”. Like a river we can also generate electricity from coal.

Coal is an important resource which is used as fuel of train and heavy machinery. That’s found 2 billion tons throughout Burma but its quarter part found from only Arakan.

The region of Arakan consists of half forest and half of river. The forest section is the perfect ground for rice cultivation to fulfill their needs as well as export.

According to international report, the total rice production of Burma is 19 million tons in which 4 to 5 million tons produce only from Arakan.

The river section of Arakan comprises 350sqm, and currently there is one port in Akyab town of Arakan. Arakan has capacity and capability to build 4 more major ports in 4 different locations.

15 blocks discovered in water of Arakan from which oil and gas may be extracted.

These blocks found further off shore and on shore in Maungdow and Buthidaung.

Block A1 and A3 handed over to China for extracting oil and gas.13 blocks didn’t explore yet.

The Chinese government is paying a billion dollars annually to Burmese government for block A1 and A3 so they will continuously pay for 30 years.

Except oil and gas, precious gems and jewels are also found in Arakan including pearl, diamond, ruby, jade, emerald and coral.

Every stone is very valuable. If the jade stone is same as the tip of finger it’s worth a million dollars. Special pearls found in Maungdaw and Akyab. There is great demand of these pearls in Kuwait and also great demand of emerald, Rubbies and coral in local and international market.

Bamboo is another resource which is used for making furniture and much more.  Best quality seafoods are also found in river of Arakan, where Million dollars can be earned through different businesses.

Arakan is such a beautiful land comprising of many trees, gardens and islands present that can be used for tourism business for earning millions of dollars.

These are some facts about natural resources of Arakan. Now, we can realize why super power’s eyes are on the Arakan .

Rohingya Muslims are equal partner and inheritor of these resources which is why Burmese government, army, police and Buddhist want to eliminate Rohingya Muslims and they are creating unbearable circumstances that are forcing Rohingya Muslims to leave their homeland.

So that they can control and hold all resources and anybody can’t claim of partnership on these resources.

Where are human rights groups?  

Why they don’t induce the right of Rohingya Muslims?

[Note: This content it’s a translated version of Talk show 360 with MD Noor on Rohingya Genocide: Connecting Hidden Dots Part 1]

Watch here: https://goo.gl/vJXRox

Translation by Saima