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Rohingya Forced NVC with Fierce of Ceasing their livelihood

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 10th November, 2017

Buthidaung: Rohingya shop owners in the market of Buthidaung Township were threatened to take National Verification Card (NVC) with the fierce of municipal authorities to close down their shops, if owners rejected NVC, reports different shop owners from central Buthidaung market.

In Municiple office of Buthidaung township officers started posting notice on their notice board stating any owners without NVC should be made ineligible to own shop in the market by the start of 2018.

Following their illegal notice Rohingya shop owners are in extreme limbo of ceasing their business or accept the NVC, which will make them officially foreigners in their own land. “We are in extreme fear of losing our shops or self-identity. Authorities are using their fierce on us to make us starve to death or make us officially stateless” says a shop owner over the inhumane behavior.

Similar in Maungdaw Township all Muslim markets are closed and Rohingyas are restricted from buying or selling goods of their needs. On the other in the same place Rakhine (moghs) are allowed to buy or sell and their children are also allowed to go to monastery to continue their studies.

“All the schools in the region have been closed down since 25th August and it’s depriving the remaining Rohingya children from getting the little primary education. We have lost our hopes of university degree for our children, but now they are making our children blind from receiving basic education as well” explains a father of 3 child, worrying over their future.

Restriction of education and all forms of movement in Northern Arakan (Rakhine) are very common and old genocidal tools that have made the entire Rohingyas literacy rate to less than 1% and are starving for a daily meal every day.

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