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Rohingya Football Club to give ‘happy news’

A football team has been formed in Malaysia by Rohingya refugees who fled nearby Myanmar to raise their international profile and show what Rohingya can do when not suffering from oppression.

Rohingya who escaped ethnic cleansing and massacres in Myanmar’s western Arakan (Rakhine) State to find refuge in Malaysia in 2015 founded the Rohingya Football Club (RFC) in Kuala Lumpur.

“This team was founded to give Rohingya Muslims a voice in the world and show that Arakan (Rakhine) people can succeed as well,” Muhammed Noor, the club’s founder and chairman, told Anadolu news agency on Friday.

“To date, we’ve heard bad news about the Arakan (Rakhine). Our goal is to give happy news about the Arakan (Rakhine),” he remarked.

Rohingya Muslims are playing football all over the world, including teams in Canada, Australia, and Ireland, N00r said they hope to set up a national team from these clubs.

Noor added that in 2020 the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) will hold a World Cup tournament for minorities.

“We aim to qualify for this World Cup. Also, we want to go to the Asian Cup next year in Japan,” Noor said.

He added that they hope to get support from the Malaysian and Turkish governments to help them succeed at the international level.

“We will play against Turkey for sure if we get an invitation for a friendly match,” he said.

Source: TRT World