Rohingya Football Club Earns Victories in Friendly Matches

By February 15, 2016 17:29

Rohingya Football Club Earns Victories in Friendly Matches

Rohingya Football Club earned victories in last Saturday’s friendly matches played with local Malaysian football clubs

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Kuala Lumpur –- Rohingya Football Club known as RFC won two and played a draw in three friendly matches against three local Malaysian Football Clubs here in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday.

The local Malaysian teams participated in the short football tournament along with ‘RFC’ are ‘Tenaga National Berhad (TNB),’ (Astro) Awani Football Club and Utusan Malaysia.’ A total of five matches with 45-minutes Play-Time in each were played at the Stadium ‘Padang Kelab Kilat, Komplex Sukan TNB, Jalan Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.’

The match results of the short football tournament are:

First match:                 Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) 1-0 (Astro) Awani Football Club

Second match:             Utusan Malaysia 0-5 Rohingya Football Club

Third match:               Rohingya Football Club 1-1 Tenaga National Berhad (TNB)

Fourth match:              (Astro) Awani Football Club 0-0 Utusan Malaysia

Fifth match:                 Rohingya Football Club 2-0 (Astro) Awani Football Club

The event started at 9:00AM and was successful over around 1:30PM with post-match interviews, friendly conversations, exchanges of prizes and discussions over future collaborations.

The sport event was organized by Pn. Azlinariah Abdullah (Assistant Vice-President and News Editor of Astro Awani Network of Malaysia) and sponsored by Tenaga National Berhad (TNB). It was also attended by several local well-known and international as supporters.

The Rohingya Football Club (RFC) was founded in January 2015 with a view to building a Rohingya National Football Team with the best Rohingya football players worldwide, turning them into the best professional players on both Clubs and National Levels and representing ‘Rohingya’ name admirable worldwide.

[Reports by Ajmeer Omar, MD Noor & Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By February 15, 2016 17:29

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