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Rohingya Family Missing En Route to Malaysia

After findings of the mass graves of the victims by human traffickers (in the photo), the Thai authority has launched crackdown on the human trafficking. It has also cause many boat people to float in the sea and die subsequently as the human traffickers abandoned the boats to escape the arrests. [Photo by Maikom Sadao Rescue]

Rohingya Family Missing En Route to Malaysia
October 19
03:17 2015

By Ziyabul Hoque

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – A Rohingya family has gone missing for 8 months en route to Thailand for Malaysia.

The family of four has lost touch with their relatives after they had set out by a human trafficking boat from Maungdaw Coast around eight months ago. The family group has one mother, her one son and two daughters.  

The mother’s name is Daw Setara Begum (son of) Noor Islam (spouse of) Hashim Ullah, 28; the son’s is Mohammed Hashim (son of) Hashim Ullah, 7; and the names of the two very young daughters are unidentified yet.

They all hail from ‘Du Nyaung Pin Gyi’ village also known as ‘Shaira Fara’ in southern Maungdaw.

The fate of the unfortunate missing family is unknown yet after the crackdown on the human trafficking rings and their secret hostage camps in southern Thailand.

If anybody has any information about their whereabouts by any chance, please contact their relative in Saudi Arabia to: 00966-535012319.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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