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Rohingya Face Persecution as They Reject ‘Illegal Bengali Classification’

Reports by Rohingya Eye, MYARF & MFQ

Monday, August 4, 2014 ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) has been arbitrarily arresting many innocent Rohingyas all over Maungdaw as Rohingya people reject the brand of ‘Illegal Bengali Immigrants’ being enforced against them, causing immense fear among them, according to the reliable sources.

A group of Border Guard Police and Immigration Together in Oo Kye Kyar Village,northern Maungdaw, attempting to forcibly classify Rohingyas as Illegal Bengalis.
A group of Border Guard Police and Immigration Together in Oo Kye Kyar Village,northern Maungdaw, attempting to forcibly classify Rohingyas as Illegal Bengalis.

The attempt to forcibly brand them as illegal Bengali immigrants began simultaneously with nationwide population census on March 30. The ethnic Rohingyas widely view that the attempt has been being made with a view to brandong them an image of illegal foreign settlers on their own land.

Therefore, Rohingya people have been resisting the forced tag despite grave persecutions against them. However, Myanmar authority has recently started to make random arrests of Rohingya figure heads and elders in various parts of Maungdaw Township.

“BGP Office of Commandment Region 6 has ordered the villagers of Kyauk Hle Karr also known as Daarga Fara in northern Maungdaw to get scrutinized and classified as illegal Bengalis. The villagers refused to follow. Therefore, around 3AM on August 1, three vans of Border Guard Police from the said BGP camp arrived in the village and arrested nine Rohingyas in the village accusing that they didn’t follow the government’s order to be scrutinized. These Rohingyas were taken to the BGP headquarter in Kyi Kan Pyin village also known as Khawar Bil. The arrested Rohingyas are:

1)     Noor Alam (son of) Sayedur Rahman (Age 50) [and his two sons mentioned below]

2)     Mohammed Noor (son of) Noor Alam (Age 25)

3)     Kocheena (son of) Noor Alam (Age 8)

4)     Zakhir Ahmed (son of) Abdu Subhan (Age 50)

5)     Idiris (son of) Zakhir Ahmed (Age 18)

6)     Hafiz Shafi Alam (son of) Mohammed Alam (Age 28)

7)     Noorul Amin (son of) Ahmed Kabir (Age 18)

8)     Bakko (son of) Jafar (Age ?)

9)     Mohammed Noor (son of) Noor Amin (Age ?)

Besides, the BGP robbed Gold and Kyat 2 Million from Noor Alam’s house. They tortured many people and vandalized Rohingya homes in the village.

On August 2, 8-year-old Kocheena was released and the remaining people are said to be prosecuted under different sections” said a local of Kyuak Hle Karr village declining to be named.

In a separate incident later, Myanmar BGP Forces has tortured Rohingyas and forced them to accept the Bengali tag at their gun points.

“Htun Chaung hamlet of Hlaing Thi village is a Rohingya village in northern Maungdaw. Around 9:50PM last Friday, Chief Commander of BGP of Region 2 ad 10 other Police personnel raided the home of U Zafar Alam and started searching for him under the accusation that he is persuading people not to participate in the government’s sponsored scrutinizing process.

Since he was not home at the time, the police started inhumanely beating family members including a 7-year-old child and other women. As a result, Zafar’s younger brother also got severe injuries. Then, the police forced the family members to accept Illegal Bengali Classification at their gun-points. Similar, they forced 15 neighboring households of Zafar Alam to the classification at their gun points” said a victim of the BGP brutalities at the night.

For the past few months, Myanmar government has been using all means such as threats to arrest community elders, tortures, persecutions, trying to bribe local religious people, pressures on Rohingya politicians and so on so that they can successfully brand them as illegal Bengalis.

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