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Rohingya Detainees of Buthidaung Jail further pushed towards Isolation

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 29th October 2018

Buthidaung: Nearly 400 innocent Rohingya detainees from Buthidaung jail  have been transferred to the jail in Kyaukpyu Township for further isolating them, reports a source today (29th October 2018).

Innocent Rohingya for many years who have been arbitrarily arrested will be further tortured now and to implement this inhumane activity they have been transfer to isolated Kyaukpyu jail.

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Thousands of innocent Rohingya detainees are suffering from many fronts in Buthidaung jail.

The jail’s condition is worse in Buthidaung and no Rohingya prisoner were allowed to have proper medication. It was only through bribes and double payments where some well to do families afforded to do so.

Now sudden transfer of these Rohingya clearly indicated threat towards their lives, as none knows about the condition of Kyaukpyu jail.

Further, Kyaukpyu is an isolated township surrounded by dense hills and forest on three sides and sea on the other side.

Travelling to Kyaukpyu is also very difficult, as no road transportation is available for that area besides air and sea route.

Oli Ahmed, A Rohingya who was released in late March 2018 from Buthidaung jail explains horrors of the Burmese jail after fleeing to the camps in Cos’x Bazaar, Bangladesh on 24th March 2018. Image: RVISION TV

Following the deadly situation their families and relatives are extremely worried about the coming days as they can no longer visit them.

“When they (detained Rohingya) were here in Buthidaung and so near to us we could hardly see them. Now they taking them so far so that we cannot see their situation. It is another plan of Burmese government to kill them silently,” explains a detainee’s family member when asked about the transfer.

Health condition of the detained Rohingya currently took a deadly shape in Buthidaung jail, where hundreds of Rohingya were dead, whom could be saved with immediate medical assistance.

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“We could hardly bribe the authorities and pay them double fees for their treatment when we could afford. Now, we cannot even see their glance,” answered another detainee’s family.

Earlier many deaths, tortures and rapes in jail were unreported, where hundreds of innocent Rohingya had to pay their lives as a cost of living in their own ancestral land.

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