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Rohingya deportation: Supreme Court hears arguments

India’s Supreme Court has heard arguments from the government and the two Rohingya, who have petitioned against the government’s plan to deport the persecuted refugees.

The apex court on Tuesday fixed October 13 as the next trial date and asked both the parties to desist from emotional arguments.

A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra asked both the parties to compile all documents and international conventions for assisting the court, according to the

Government lawyer Tushar Mehta told the court during the hearing that Rohingya refugees will cause wages to decrease, adding to its earlier arguments that the Rohingya were a security threat.

Ravi Nair of the South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre told Al Jazeera that the Modi government “suffers from Islamophobia and it sees in every Muslim a potential terrorist”.

“It is not following the main thrust of the fundamental rights chapter of the Indian constitution. Article 21 of the Indian constitution clearly says that right to life is available to both nationals and non-nationals,” he said.

Out of the estimated 40,000 Rohingya refugees, more than 16,000 are registered with the United Nations refugee agency, but the government has said that even those registered with UNHCR would not be spared from deportation.

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