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Rohingya Demanded Int’l Protection in Repatriation Through a Protest

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 31st October 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: Rohingya at makeshift camp of Kutupalong once again held a protest and demanded international protection and peace keeping force along with the repatriating Rohingya today (31st October 2018), reports a protester.

Rohingya sheltering at camp 5 of Kutupalong makeshift camp held a protest, where more than 250 Rohingya men, women and children gathered in demands of their justified rights before any repatriation could take place.

[Rohingya men and women gathered at Kutupalong makeshift camp today in a protest to demand International protection in their repatriation process. Image: Social Media]

The protest was organized by a grass root organization known as “Voice of Rohingya“, who is seen in an active role of working for the suffering Rohingya in the makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.

The ongoing persecution on the remaining Rohingya continued till today in Arakan (Rakhine), and in continued disastrous situation, Burma is seen to be holding illogical talks of repatriation.

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In regard to repatriation, the United Nation also recently alarmed of the forced repatriation, where none Rohingya feels safe to return home.

Marzuki Darusman, chair of the UN fact-finding mission on burma (Myanmar), said last week that thousands of Rohingyas were still fleeing to Bangladesh had faced discrimination, and those who remain “continue to suffer the most severe” restrictions and repression.

“It is an ongoing genocide that is taking place at the moment,” Darusman further added.

In today’s protest Rohingya continued demanding Native Status, Citizenship, Security and Accountability before any talks of repatriation.

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“We Demand International Protection Force for our safety in Myanmar,” chanted a group of Rohingya protesters at Kutupalong camp.

Since 2016, nearly 1.3 million are suffering in makeshift camp of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh and they have been repeatedly demanding their safety and security to be assured before any step towards repatriation

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