RVISION May 21, 2015

Review of an interview taken by RVISION from rescued human trafficked victims.

On 9th May 2015 this girl was rescued from Malaysia shore.She was on this deadly journey for 1 month.They were promised by the traffickers that they will reach Malaysia within 6 days. They started this dangerous journey From Andaang shore,Maungdaw.She was taken out of her home to the house of trafficker,named Anwar.The person whom she came along from her was a coordinator of Anwar named Hero.When they arrived in the boat at 7 p.m.They were initially 12 people,7 females and 5 males.

The boat that was used to carry them to the ship for their final journey had a crew of 3 people .Finally boat was started sailing ,and sailed for 5 hour,than the engine was not working,so they took 3 hours to repair it on sea.After repairing they started again their journey and sailed for almost 2 hours at the main shipyard for their journey to Malaysia .Ship that was used to transport them had 5 floors. When she arrived with her group of 12 people on boat to ship,it had nearly 150 people.Which increased in number to 1200 within 10-12 days in stilled condition on sea.Than they started their journey on ship for 6 complete days,where they reached Thailand sea border.Than they had to wait for 18 days on sea in the hand of traffickers with their fake hope to reach Malaysia.In these 18 days they had to escape to Indonesia sea border to hide from thai coast guard by sailing 3 hours at day time and again sailed back to thai water at night with the hope to land on shore.

The journey in the hand of traffickers was an extreme painful experience.Where they were not given enough food and water.Moreover they were tortured badly if they asked anything more to eat or drink.Most of the traffickers had gun and other huge revolvers.Total number of females on ship was 140.Males were extremely tortured and abused if they wanted to use wash room more than 1 time a day.They were not even allowed to move,talk,etc from their own place,not even to sleep by lying.They had to be like idols throughout their journey.Ship was overloaded with people so no place was there to sleep or move.She also shared how 2-3 people died due to shortage of food and diseases.Many more attempted to suicide due to extreme conditions of food and water.Where they were rescued and tortured further.

Furthermore they were given fake promises that they can reach safely,with proper care,food and needs before they were brought to ship.So these innocent Rohingyas were convinced to sail off for a hope of better life to avoid the persecution in Arakan.But real condition was extremely reverse and horrible than they imagined.She herself urged to Rohingyas people in Arakan that they should never take this wrong step to sail off from their country.As she herself had experience along with other 1200 people,how dangerous and painful was the journey in the hand of these inhuman traffickers.

Her father told RVISION that he had contracted a trafficker named Maasan with 6000 RM per person who currently lives in Malaysia,to bring his daughters to Malaysia.Wher he had to pay all the amount before getting his daughters.He paid the amount through bank ,where he gave phone number of that trafficker to RVISION.He further explained that he was in fear of his daughters life,as many incidence of rapes and torture were heard from his own village in Arakan.

In an conversation with another girl who also reached by this journey on 5th may 2015.Who is only 17 years old.The ship she arrived had three floors with 500 people.Where they abused and tortured similarly as the above explained incidence.They were 40 females and 45 children on the ship.Where similarly like her all the females explained why they decided in ignorance of the situation on ship for this journey due to torture and persecution in Arakan.Her journey was also almost for a month.She too shared her experience with RVISION how people were tortured and abused in the ship by traffickers.2-3 people committed suicide by jumping into the sea due to extreme condition of these inhuman traffickers and shortage of food and water.She too like others hoped a better life.But now she realized that the cost of this journey was too high which like her thousands  had paid and will be paying if these human trafficking and persecution in Arakan doesn’t end.

Finally in their answer to Rvision question, that will they like to see more Rohingyas on this deadly sea journey?They replied that they prefer people to die there in the persecution committed by Mough and Burmese military junta instead of this tragic,dangerous and inhuman journey.

Note:This interview is RVISION’s exclusive.