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Rohingya Continued Demanding Recognition & Justice through Protests

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 27th September 2018

Cox’sBazaar: Groups of desperate Rohingya suffering in makeshift camps of Cox’sBazaar, Bangladesh were seen in peaceful demonstrations in demands of their recognition as Rohingya refugees and Justice consecutively on 25th and 26th September 2018, report sources.

Rohingya in Hakimfara and Balukhali continued their demonstration for the second and third day, which started in Kutupalong on 24th September and was organized by “Voice of Rohingya – VOR” in support of common survivors of genocide.

hundreds of Rohingya seen in a protest at Hakimfara refugee camp on 25th Sept 2018. Image: VOR Facebook page

On 25th September flocks of Rohingya were seen in Hakimfara refugee camps and they demanded UNHCR smartcards to print their name as Rohingya and recognize them as refugees.

Different groups of demonstrating Rohingya were demanding in both Rohingya and English language and thanked Bangladesh gov’t for their continued hospitality.

Protest at Hakimfar refugee camp in demand of justice from ICC on 25th Sept 2018. Image: RVISION TV

“We want our name to be written as Rohingya and we want justice for the killings and rapes of our fellow brothers and sisters” stated a youth while reading the demands on behalf of common Rohingya.

With their same demand, another protest was spotted in Balukhali refugee camp yesterday (26th Sept) and hundreds of people were seen to be joining the gathering.

Rohingya demanding their justice from ICC at Balukhali refugee camp on 26th Sept 2018. Image Social media

“We will not take the UNHCR smartcards if they do not recognize us as refugees and write our name as Rohingya” shouted a group of Rohingya in the protest.

Since late 2017, nearly 800, 000 newly arrived Rohingya are sheltering in makeshift camps of Bangladesh and are still awaiting justice from ICC before their repatriation with dignity and deserved rights.

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