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Rohingya Community in Malaysia Commemorate 3rd June 2012

By M.S. Anwar

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia– On 3rd June 2014, hundreds of Rohingyas attended at an event held in Kuala Lumpur in order to commemorate 10 Muslims killed on 3rd June 2012 and following massacres of Rohingyas en masse. The Event was organized by
Rohingya Socity Malaysia (RSM)
Dr. Abdul Hamid
Haji Mubark
Rohingya Friendship Society (RFS)
Haji Fareed
Haji Noor Mohammaed
Abdul Hussien
Rohingya Vision (RVision) and Rohingya Community in Malaysia in general Speakers at the event talked on various topics regarding the unfolding genocide against Rohingyas and other Muslims in Myanmar.

The detailed report is as follows.

3rd June 2012 was day on which Government-sponsored Rakhine (Magh) Terrorists mercilessly killed 10 Muslim in Taungote Township on their way back home from a pilgrimage trip in Thandwe Township. The violence against Muslims spread to Maungdaw, Buthidaung, Sittwe, Pauktaw, Thandwe and other parts of Arakan afterwards. The violence has displaced more than 140,000 Muslims in Arakan, while thousands of Muslims have been killed during the violence. The violence is still going on and it has turned into a full-fledged Genocide of Rohingyas. In short, brutalities against Rohingyas have been beyond imagination.

Therefore, in order to commemorate those 10 Muslims killed and the following massacres of Rohingya en masse, Rohingya Community in Malaysia held a gathering in Kuala Lumpur Today. The gathering was named “3rd June, Rohingya Genocide Day.” Hundreds of Rohingyas in specially designed Red T-Shirts attended the commemoration event. It was a well-organized event in many Rohingyas participated voluntarily to organize the event. A separate sitting section was arranged for female participants.

Several local Malaysian Media and international media also came to cover the event. Malaysian Police, too, together with Intelligence Department in Bukit Aman arrived at the event in time to prevent hassles and unnecessary side-consequences. The RELA (the People’s Volunteer Corps) helped Rohingya organizers of the event in managing traffic and car parking.

The program started with Quran Recitation by Hafiz Sirajul at 2:00PM. And Sheikh Abdul Omar elaborated some Quranic Verses in the contemporary situation of Muslims in Myanmar. It was followed by Opening Speech by Dr. Abdul Hamid, President of Rohingya Society in Malaysia (RSM). Besides, Dr. Abdul Hamid talked on the history of Rohingya, Current Situation in Malaysia and how Rohingyas should live in Malaysia abiding by its laws and regulations.

mdnoor2Then, Rohingya Song (Tarana) by Sheikh Abdul Razak followed. After that, it was Mohammed Noor, the managing director of Rohingya Vision and Rohingya activist that vividly talked on the Brutal Operation against Rohingyas by different Regimes in Myanmar since 1942 up to 2012. He also elaborated the various atrocities being committed against Rohingyas since the violence against Rohingya and other Muslims started on 3rd June 2012. He also emphasized that Rohingyas need to react wisely and gently, not by violent means, when they are provoked by Rakhine terrorists or Myanmar Regime.

Sheikh Hassan Mahmud, Head of the Persatuan Rohingya Penang, delivered speeches on how to strive and struggle for the cause of Allah, people’s unity and their betterment. He also talked on importance of self-reliance and self-determination. Above all, he said “it is necessary to not let happen a situation like it did against Muslims in Myanmar in the past.”

Other honorable guests at the event are Sheikh Jaber, President of Majlis Ulama Rohingya (MUR) and Mr. Ziyaur Rahman, a Rohingya Businessman. The meeting successfully ended at 5:00PM with a prayer by Sheikh Abdullah Omar.

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