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Rohingya Community in Kyauktaw Face Dreadful Situation

By Sallam Oic Group

Thursday, July 17, 2014 ׀ Kyauktaw, Arakan

The arbitrary arrests of two more under-age Rohingya school girls is causing extreme fear among local Rohingya community in Kyauktaw Township, whereas the nineteen Rohingyas of the same township arrested while travelling to Capital Yangon are still in Ann’s Police Detention, say reliable local sources.

A Jetty in Kyauktaw Township
A Jetty in Kyauktaw Township

Till date, Kyauktaw Police have arrested innocent 10 Rohingya schools including the eight girls arrested earlier under the false accusation of the destruction of the heads of the Buddha Statues. These all girls are of around age 14 and studying at class eight in a local middle school in Yadana Pun village also known as Nairong. (Please read the earlier report: Breaking News: New Round of Violence against Rohingyas Looms in Kyauktaw)

“They are being held in the temporary MSF clinic. Some local Buddhist Monks have openly said that the girls are not responsible for the destructions of the heads of the Buddha statues. Yet, the authority pressured and bribed by extremist Rakhine politicians are forcing the innocent girls to admit guilty. If the Rakhine extremists can force them the girls to do so, they will have an excuse to trigger a massive round of violence against us.

The girls’ families are not allowed to meet them. They are said to have forced them to live with no regular meals. Besides, their families are extremely worried of the possibility that they may be harassed and assaulted” said Maung Maung, a local Rohingya of the village.

In another incident, nineteen Rohingyas hail from the same township were arrested respectively on June 30 and July 2 while travelling to Capital Yangon. They are said to have been detained, tortured and kept without enough foods and required medicines since then. Some of them are identified to be:

1)- Sayed Akhbar (son of) U Sayed (of age 72)

2)- Daw Rakhima (daughter of) U Mohammed Hussein (age of 30)

3)- Mohammed Sadek (son of) U Noor Akhbar (age of 20)

4)- Three Rohingyas from Rwa Nya village, names unknown

7)- Two Rohingyas from Shwe Hlaing, names unknown

9)- Sajid Ahmed (son of) U Ghafur Ahmed (of age 23)

10)- Amir Ahmed (son of) U Abdu Mumin (of age 20)

11)- Nabi Hussein (son of) U Mohsin Ali (of age 25)

12)- Raha Nuddin (son of) U Abu Siddique (of 23)

13)- Mohammed Rashid (son of) U Mohammed Shafi (of age 20)

14)- Raju (son of) U Muhibullah (of age 21)

15)- Ma Sarah Begum (daughter of) U Habi (of age 19)

16)- Sadique (son of) U Mohammed Hussein (of age 27)

17)- Nasar Ahmed (son of) U Ehsanul Hoque (of age 19) and other two.

They are said to have been charged under ‘Illegal Border Crossing’ and other sections. Travelling to Yangon and Central Myanmar has been made illegal for Muslim Rohingyas in Arakan State for decades. (Please read the earlier report: Myanmar Police Arrest Nineteen Rohingya Travelling to Capital Yangon)

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