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Rohingya Children’s Kidnapping Escalates Stress in Refugee Camps

By Rohingya Vision TV | 21st September, 2017

Kutupalong: Rohingya who arrive recently arrived in Bangladesh are under massive dilemma for shortage of  Humanitarian aids, and a member of a gang responsible for kidnapping Rohingya children have been caught by Rohingyas in the camp yesterday (21st September, 2017), reports a newly arrived Rohingya.

The tragic incidence occurred at 11:35 pm, when a few newly arrived Rohingya found a Hindu guy kidnapping their children from the camp in Kutupalong. When interrogated him after catching red handed, he briefed about the gang and said they are 10 no people in total jointly kidnapping Rohingya children from different camps in Coxsbazar area.

Later among the 2 kidnapped children 1 was rescued in unconsciousness and other child is still missing. This incidence on newly arrived Rohingyas have added to their fragile situation and left them in extreme panic and fear. After the inquiry the member of the kidnapping gang was handovered to the local police station along with his knives and blades.

One of our correspondents briefed, how Rohingya families have reached the peak of starvation due to the shortage of humanitarian aids in the temporary camps. And a family of 4 explained how their attempt to fix their shelter made with plastic failed 3 times.

On the condition of anonymity he added “Not only us there more than 120 families near us are dipped in the rain water since last few in this harsh weather condition and children are expected to die if not done anything immediately”.

Most on their living conditions are under wet muddy land and situation seems to escalate day by day. Beside improper shelters nutritional level and health conditions and also getting neglected in these ghettos.

Since 25th August, 2017 more than 400,000 Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh, resulting to mass ongoing exodus following a clearance operation by Burmese brutal regime.

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