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Rohingya Children Denied of Admission to Primary School

By MFQ Aung ׀

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan state

The headmaster of Primary School of Kyar-Gaung-Taung village refuses to admit Rohingya Children to school mentioning that ‘Bengali (Rakhine racists’ term for Rohingya)’ students are not allowed to study at the school, locals say.


Denial of admission of Rohingya students to the school has given another blow to Rohingyas that have been suffering from serious human rights violations and facing a slow-burning genocide.

“The headmaster of the School, U Tun Ree, accused us that we are Bengalis. Thus, he would not admit any of our children to his school. When we tried to talk to him on the matter, he rather scolded and abused us.

We have also complaint to concerned authority about the matter. No one takes action on that. He is an extremist originally from Kyauktaw Township and now resides in Ywet-nyo-taung village” said a Rohingya student to Rohingya Vision TV, declining to be named.

“Now, he is violating our children’s right to education. It’s a step to make us educationally backward. In fact, we have been serious problems in pursuing education for decades” he added.

Kyar Gaung Taung is a Rohingya village located in northern Maungdaw and also known as Ranga Baali in Rohingya language. There were 513 students at the school in the village. School Year in Myanmar starts in first week of June. June has gone by. But the headmaster has not given admission to any Rohingya students yet.

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