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Rohingya Child Killed After Being Hit by a Rakhine Motorcyclist

By M.S. Anwar

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 ׀

Entrance to Mrauk-U Township
Entrance to Mrauk-U Township

Mrauk-U, Arakan State: A Rakhine extremist youth hit a Rohingya Child by his motorcycle in Mrauk-U Township on Saturday and that caused her death, say local Rohingyas.

The deceased Rohingya child is identified to be three-year-old Nurul Bukhari (daughter of) U Abdul Hamind and Daw Gulzhar hail from Pi-Parang village in Mrauk-U Township.

However, the responsible Police from Myaung-Bwe Police Station in the township failed to take action against the criminal according to the locals.

“Around 9:30AM on June 5, Nurul Bukhari was walking beside the street in front of her house. Meanwhile, a Rakhine youth (of age around 25) riding his bike on a very high speed hit the child. The child fell down to the ground consequently and started ailing. Some people witnessed him deliberately hitting the child.

The Rakhine extremist youth, a son of recent settlers from Bangladesh’s Chittagong region now living in nearby Laung-Kret village, tried to run away but our villagers managed to stop him. When they tried to punish him, other Rakhine extremists from his village attempted to attack us in mob.

But the local Rakhines stopped them and called the Police instead. Police from Myaung-Bwe Station arrived at our village soon and took him away” said Md Rashid Yahya, a local of Pi-Parang, to Rohingya Vision TV.

“We requested the Police not to release him without our consent since had committed crime. The police promised to fulfill our request.

However, since the child died after a few hours, some of our people went to the police station to file charges against him. However, shockingly enough, the deputy chief of the police station refused to file charges against him said ‘the child has already died. So, I can’t file any charges against him.’ And the police released him afterwards” he continued.

About some usages in the report:

–         ‘Mrauk-U’ Township is also known as ‘Mrohaung and Fatthar Killa.’

–         ‘Pi-Parang’ village is also spelled as ‘Pi-Pung-Rang,’ ‘Pi-Prang’ and ‘Pi-Pyin.’

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