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A Rohingya Child Die Falling into an Unprotected Well in Nget-Chaung IDP Camp

Saed Arakani

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mohammed Taher (Age 6) (Left in the pic) Survived and Abdul Ghani (Age 10) (Right in the Pic) died.
Mohammed Taher (Age 6) (Left in the pic) Survived and Abdul Ghani (Age 10) (Right in the Pic) died.

Pauktaw, Arakan: Two Rohingya Children fell into an Unprotected Well at IDP (internally displaced people) camp No. 1 in Pauktaw Township at around 2:00PM on 31st May 2014. One of them died afterwards, while another was saved.

“Abdul Ghani (son of) U Zahirullah (of Age 10) and Mohammed Taher (son of) Mohammed Osman (of Age 6) are two internally displaced Children belong to Nget-Chaung Rohingya IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camp No.1 in Pauktaw Township. Around 2:00PM on 31st May 2014, being children, they were playing nearby an Unprotected Well. Meanwhile, both of them fell in the well and got drown.

When people saw them drowning, they hurried to save them. Children were taken out of the well. But by then, it was too late for one child. Abdul Ghani (of Age 10) passed away. And Mohammed Taher was comatose for a moment and regained consciousness” said an internally displaced Rohingya in the camp.

“There are many unprotected well and drains. They have been proving dangerous for children especially in the absence of adults. We request concerned quarters to properly protect them to prevent the losses of innocent’s lives” he added.

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