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Rohingya Boy Found Dead in Punna Gyun

A 14-year old Rohingya was found dead in ‘Punna Gyun’ Township yesterday, the local sources say

By Saeed Arakani

RVision TV News

Punna Gyun — Nur Abbas (son of) Amine Sharif, 14, hailing from Siddir Kul (Thae Dar Kaadi) in ‘Punna Gyun’ was found dead yesterday evening after he had gone out to the farm to fetch grass to feed cattle in the morning.

“When he didn’t return home in the evening, some villagers went out to look for him but only find him lying dead at a fishing farm owned by some Rakhines (Maghs) from a nearby Rakhine village,” said a villager in Siddir Kul village.

According to a local health-worker, Noor Kamal, in Siddir Kul, the boy was apparently suffering from epilepsy estimating on the little bit of blood that came out of his nose while carrying his body.

Therefore, it is unclear if he was killed by the extremists in the nearby Rakhine (Magh) village or died after suffering from epilepsy.

No investigation was done from the part of the authorities to find out why the boy was dead.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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