Shuaib August 22, 2016

Sittwe (Akyab) – A Rohingya working in Light Infantry Battalion (LIB)-20 has been arbitrarily thrashed by two military to snatch money he brought to buy a goat from the battalion in La Ma Chay, Sittwe, Arakan, according to a relative of the victim.

The victim Mohammad Amin, 25 years old, had been doing odd jobs in LIB-20 and became familiar with the soldiers including the battalion commander. One day, the commander said to him, “We have some goats to sell. If anyone wants, bring him/her here.” But he did not know that the commander had an ulterior motive.

A relative of Amin wanted a goat whom he took to the battalion with other two Rohingyas at 5 pm on 18, August. When they reached at the gate of the battalion, Amin told them to wait there and he went in to talk to the commander. He cunningly told him, “We keep the goats in a fishery, away from here and so, you have to go with the soldiers there.” Believing the commander, he came out and met with other three at the gate to tell them go back home as he was going to the fishery to bring a goat.

Amin along with two soldiers were going there by a motorbike via Sittwe-Yangon High way. After crossing the bridge nearby Na Yi Kan Mough village at around 8 pm, the soldiers stopped the bike suddenly and one of them went in a bush pretending to pee. The other told Amin to give the money he brought to buy goat. As soon as he handed the money, the soldier started blowing fist and kicking to him restlessly saying nothing. Fortunately, he was able to run away and had been hiding in nearby paddy fields for the whole night. At the meantime, his family and relatives were concerning for him as he did not return to home.

From there for about two days,he walked through the bush, not to be seen by the Moughs, in search of a Rohingya village. Finally he reached in Piyali Chaung, a Rohingya village that seemed to him a heaven where he got a chance to revive.

These kinds of crimes against Arakanese Rohingya people are increasing day by day as the government is the instigator of the criminals including local Moughs and authorities.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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