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Rohingya Accused and Charged in Relation to Recent Shop-Burning in Maungdaw

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – The Maungdaw Police, on Thursday, charged a Rohingya man holding him responsible for the recent fire that destroyed numbers of shops, according to the reliable sources.

The shop of the man accused and charged by the police also got destroyed in the fire that took place last Tuesday night. The police forced another Rohingya man to say that he witnessed ‘the fire started from the shop of the accused person.’

“The shops of U Noor Huda from Maung Ni village and U Fayaz from Quarter 5 were among the shops destroyed by the fire last Tuesday night. But the investigative department had already plotted to buck up the blame on U Fayaz for the fire and to file a charge against him on the so-called witnesses by the patrolling police and others present at the time of the incident.

And Investigative Department of the Maungdaw Police summoned ‘Shomshul Huda, younger brother of U Noor Huda,’ and U Fayaz to the police station on May 14. Then, the police forced Shomshul Huda to witness against U Fayaz. The police forcibly made him say that the fire started from ‘the lit mosquito coil’ left in U Fayaz’s shop. Subsequently, the police charged and filed a case against U Fayaz. However, U Fayaz was not arrested yet” said elderly person in Maungdaw.

“There was no ‘lit mosquito coil’ left in the shop according to U Fayaz. And although Shomshul Huda didn’t want to become a false witness, he had to do it fearing of the tortures by the police. This is a case of double victimization.

We are of the opinion that the *police themselves involved in setting the shops on fire to divert the attention of Myanmar’s military from Rakhine’s people cooperation with Arakan Army (AA) (in fighting against the military)” he added.

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[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

Note: *Police in Maungdaw comprises mostly police personnel of Rakhine ethnic background.

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