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Burmese Military & Informants Jointly Suffocates lives of the Remaining Rohingya

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 1st February 2019

Buthidaung: A group of informants in collaboration with Burmese Military jointly extorts money, tortures, and harasses Rohingya men and women on daily basis in a village of Buthidaung Township since 2005, reports a victim today (1st February).

The group of informants from the village of Phaya Pyin Aung Ba village of Yaung Chaung village tracts and a group of four militaries repeatedly accuses common Rohingya with different false and fake allegations to extort money and are arrested if they deny paying the illegal sum.

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Since 2005 the both group of military and informants are jointly performing these inhumane and injustice activities without any disturbance.

The inhumanity reached such a level, where they are using their power and keeping the girls belonging to poorer Rohingya families as maids in their houses.

These Rohingya women were not only deprived of their salary but were also tortured and abused regularly.

Among such Rohingya women, two of the Rohingya women dared to speak up about their inhumane stories and were identified to be Fatema Hatu D/O Abul Hashim, 28 and Fatema D/O Mason, 25 hailing from the same village.

Recently both the groups were seen to be jointly selling parts of the empty Rohingya houses, who were expelled out of their homes and land since 2016 with genocidal operations in the region.

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Among the group of four military one was identified to be Aung Zaw Wing by a Rohingya victim of money extortion in their hands.

Since decades Rohingya have been suffering through a slow-burning genocide and even after forcing a population of 1.3 million Rohingya to Bangladesh, the remaining are still seen to be weeping in silent

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