Shuaib August 25, 2016

Rohingya people have to fight with premature death as the Myanmar government is still restricting the movement and not providing any health care centers for the poor and helpless Rohingya patients in northern Buthidaung, Arakan, according to our correspondents.

Mohammad Siddique, a university student, 25 years old, son of Solim who was a dweller of Zadiprang of Paundaw Prang had been fighting with a fatal disease since one month ago as there is no medical hospital for Rohingya. As the patient’s condition was becoming worse day by day, his parents took him to Maungdaw, hoping to get permit from the authorities concerned to go to Bangladesh for cure.

The authorities do not issue any permit to Rohingya for treatment in other country too but there is an opportunity for the dealers who can get permit in a month. So, they applied for dealers’ permits in which one is allowed for 3 to 7 days to stay in Bangladesh. As the patient became so weak, the guardians took it within fifteen days by giving bribe and had to give 70 thousands Kyats in total.

In case of any one fails to come within permitted days, he/she must give a big tax in both Bangladesh and Myanmar borders.

With endless difficulties and risk, they went to Bangladesh and visited a doctor there who gave some important tests to the patients. When the results came out, the doctor found cancer in abdomen and asked the guardians of the patient whether they could stay for about a month in Bangladesh for treatment.

But their answer was in the negative and told him that they would come again from Arakan after taking permit for 7 days. After coming back in Arakan, they tried their best for permit but authorities arbitrarily delayed to issue it and so, the poor and unlucky patient died on 17, August without getting treatment in time.

Moreover, there were so many Rohingya old and young patients who died like him due to discrimination of the government which can be attributed to a slow form of genocide against Arakanese Rohingya.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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