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Restricting Healthcare Killed a Rohingya Girl in Buthidaung

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 3rd July 2018

Buthidaung: Restricting healthcare took life a 12 year old Rohingya girl, in a village track of Buthidaung Township on 1st July 2018, report sources.

In Mingisi (Mee Kyaung Zay) village track of Buthidaung Township, a Rohingya underage girl died due to lack immediate healthcare.

She was infected by simple seasonal flu, which could be curable with any basic medications. Restricting healthcare services made the situation to such an extent, where simple flu is taking lives of Rohingya children.

Victim was identified to be Sokina D/O Muhammed Salam, 12. Similar curable diseases are taking lives of the Rohingya in northern Buthidaung Township, due to strict restriction on Rohingya’s healthcare.

Beside restriction, lack of immediate transportation, harassment in checkpoints and waiting for travel permit are also major issues, that became obstacles in receiving immediate treatment.


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Although there is a government hospital in Buthidaung Township, but government restrictions made it hardly any beneficial to the Rohingya residing there.

Even if any Rohingya manages to overcome all these restrictions by giving demanded sum of money to the authorities, Mogh (Rakhine) nurses and doctors discriminate the Rohingya patients deliberately.

Earlier many such unlawful killings in the hand of Mogh (Rakhine) nurses and doctors were reported by Rohingya Vision TV and other international NGOs.


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In this ongoing monsoon season, remaining Rohingya children in Arakan (Rakhine) under the age of five are severely effected by the outbreaks of diseases and death toll on these curable disease are likely to increase, if situation continues.


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