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Representatives of Rohingya Refugees in India Meet Local NGO

SK Abdul Khan

New Dehli (Rohingya Vision) — The representatives of the Rohingya refugees in India met with the officials of Jamaat-e-Islami-Hind, a powerful and largest Islamic NGO with branches all over the country, in New Dehli last Thursday afternoon regarding the rights of the neglected Rohingya refugees.

The Rohingya delegation team was led by U Hla Myint, the chairman of Rohingya Refugee Committee, J&K state and other members of the committee. They held a vigorous discussion with Mr. Intizar Naeem, Asst. Secretary (Community & National Affairs) at the NGO’s central office in New Delhi over the prospects of the developments in the future of the refugees.

During the meeting, the Secretary expressed the deepest concerns on behalf of the NGO over the rights of the refugees being ignored. He also encouraged the Rohingya Refugee Delegation and promised “we will write to the UNHCR India and its head office in Geneva so that you get equal treatments and your rights are ensured. If it shows no improvement, we will fight for you in the Supreme Court of India.”

A Rohingya Refugee Child Playing amidst the Squalid Camps in J&K State of India
A Rohingya Refugee Child Playing amidst the Squalid Camps in J&K State of India

There are 13 categories of Refugees based on their countries of origins and nationalities including Rohingya Refugees. They don’t get any assistance from the UNHCR although the Rohingya refugees have received the UNHCR Refugee Cards (Recognitions as Refugees. And hence, they are NOT treated as equal as other refugees and their rights are ignored by the UNHCR.

The refugees in India receive the following assistance from the UNHCR.

  1. Resettlements
  2. Meetings with community leaders
  3. Monthly rental payments
  4. Supplementary Assistance (SA)
  5. Healthcare
  6. Education, etc

Meanwhile the Rohingya refugees are excluded from having all of the above-mentioned assistances.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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