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Report on Recent Atrocities against Rohingyas in Maung Daw

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

October 12, 2013

1- Hlun Hteins (Security Force) Beat Rohingya Lorry Drivers and Attempt to Loot Bags of Rice

Around 4PM on 8th October 2013, Hlun Htein (Security Force) at the U-Daung post stopped a lorry transporting some bags of Rice owned by World Food Programme (WFP) to the village of Aan-Daang (Inn-Din), southern Maung Daw. Then, Hlun Hteins asked for Kyat 500 from the lorry driver, Dil Mohammed S/o Noor Mohammed (from Myoma-Kayindan), to go through the check-post.

When the driver said “the bags of Rice are owned by WFP and I am just trasporting them, the Hlun Hteins replied “we don’t know WFP but money.” So, the driver gave Kyat 1,000 note to them. They didn’t return the change, Kyat 500 and took Kyat 1,000 instead. Moreover, the Hlun Hteins asked the driver to remove some bags of Rice and keep them at their camp saying that the lorry was over-loaded.

While the auxilary person of the lorry, Sayed Ahmed (also from Myoma-Kayindan), was unloading some bags of rice, the other three Hlun Hteins joined who had already been there and said “don’t you know that we were NaSaKas and now we are Hlun Hteins?” Then, they started beating both the driver and auxilary person of the lorry with blows and kicks.

Therefore, they ran away leaving the lorry behind and informed the lorry owner, owned by U Zaw Tun Naing @Dil Moammed S/o Mohammed Sadek hails from Myoma-Kayin-Dan (Shidda Fara). The following day (i.e. on 9th October 2013), the owner of the lorry complaint to the authority and WFP. Only then, the Hlun Hteins released the lorry.


2- Rohingya Minor Student Brutally Beaten by Rakhine Teacher

Aye Mya Thida @Atiqah D/o Amir Faisal (Age 8) is a Rohingya minor girl from Quarter 4, Maung Daw Tsp, and a student of Grade 3 at Basic Education Middle School (BEMS) No.1. At about 10AM on 5th October 2013, she was at their school balcony to drink water from the water-filter. Meanwhile, a female Rakhine Teacher (who teaches Science Subject) brutally beat the minor girl using a Cane-Stick. As a result, the girl got her head broken and bloody.

So, the girl’s father went to the Rakhine teacher and asked why his minor daughter was so physically abused and manhandled. The teacher replied that it was her authority to do so and he could complain anywhere he wished.

Nowdays, Rohingya students face similar kind of brutalities not only by the Rakhine teachers but by the Rakhine students. And no Rohingya student can even talk of justice!


3- The Headmaster of the Kyein Chaung High School Arbitrarily Hike Exam Fees of Rohingya Students’

On 8th October 2013, U Kyaw Thein, the headmaster of the Kyein-Chaung (Bawli Bazaar) High School, called on the parents of Grade-11 Students for a meeting. Some parents of some students could not manage to attend the meeting due to their daily struggles for livelihoods. So, he said “I will not allow the students whose parents are absent today to sit for the final exam as their parents do not give respect to me.” And during meeting, the headmaster used some abusive words against Rohingyas and students’ parents attending the meeting. Local says ‘he always behaves like this’.

Besides, he arbitrarily hiked the exam fees from Kyat 800 to Kyat 7,000. And it is imposed only on Rohingya students. He also said to the Rohingya parents attending the meeting “you can complain anywhere if you disagree with the exam-fee system.”


4- Sa-Ra-Pha (Intelligent and Security Service) Severely Beat a Rohingya Creating a False Scenario

Mv Iman Hussain S/o Salimullah (Age 25) is a Rohingya hails from Kyauk Pan Du village, Southern Maung Daw. Around 4PM on 30th September 2013, he was on his way to the village of Aan-Daang (Inn-Ding) by his motorbike. Meanwhile, he was forced to go into the camp of Sa-Ra-Pha (Intelligent and Security Service) in Alay-Than-Kyaw (Haisshu-Rata), southern Maung Daw. Then, some Sa-Ra-Pha officers consfiscated his CDMA phone (the mobile phones supplied by Myanmar government) and replaced its SIM Card with a Bangala Grameen SIM Card. And then, absurdly though, he was arrested for possesing Bangala Grameen SIM Card.

The Rohingya man was beaten severely and his shoulder also got pierced with needles. The next day, the Sa-Ra-Pha officers released him having extorted Kyat 1.3 Millions. The Rohingya man has not recovered yet and is under critical condition.


5- Rakhine Police Extort Kyat 0.9 Miilion from a Poor Rohingya

Around 11AM on 3rd October 2013, a lieutenant Police serving as the head of Police Camp base at the former NaSaKa Area 6 arbitrarily arrested Shamsul Alam S/o Noor Ahmed (Age 21) hails from Zaam Boinna (Zing Pyin Yan) village tract, northern Maung Daw, accusing him of being a human trafficker. In reality, Shamsul Alam works as a rice-seller. Then, the policeman tortured him and extorted Kyat 0.9 million from him for his release.

Similar sorts of arbitrary arrests against Rohingyas, tortures and then, extortion of money from Rohingyas are taking place daily.


6- Police and Immigration Extort Money from Rohingya Families

Around 11PM on 3rd October 2013, three police officers and two immigration officers raided some Rohingyas’ houses at the village of Lay-Yan-Guin village of Alay-Than-Kyaw (Hasshu-Rata) village tract, southern Maung Daw. Then, they seized the family-census-papers accusing that they (i.e. the respective Rohingya families) had repaired their houses without the permission of the authority. Then, they (Police and Immigration) extorted following amounts from the families respectively to return their family-census-paper.

1) Mv Hussain S/o Ali (Age 50) – Kyat 15,000

2) Fayazullah S/o Noor Salam (Age 32) – Kyat 20,000

3) Hamid Hussain S/o Abdul Hakim (Age 50) – Kyat 20,000

4) Muktar Ahmed S/o Sharif Husssain (Age 37) – Kyat 10,000

5) Noor Hussain S/o Hussain (Age 14) – Kyat 10,000

6) Lalu S/o Saleh Ahmed (Age 51) – Kyat 10,000

7) Hefzu Rahman S/o Htan Dar Mya (Age 28) – Kyat 20,000

These officers raided these houses again on the following day to extort money. But all the family members left their respective houses temporarily. So, they could not earn any money by extortion.

Maung Daw Township (Photo: Google Map)
Maung Daw Township (Photo: Google Map)