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By Rohingya Eye | March 29, 2017

Maungdaw — The Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) has recently renewed suspicious activities in Northern Maungdaw that have been creating tremendous fears among the local Rohingyas of being targeted once again, it has been reported. 

Since last week, the Myanmar BGP have been rounding up villages randomly in northern Maungdaw; and systematically targeting and attempting to arrest educated Rohingya people. 

On Monday (March 27) afternoon, scores of fully equipped BGP personnel suddenly conducted raids in the village of Kyikanpyin locally known as ‘Hawar Bil’ and two BGP personnel took position in every furlong of distance. Later, a squad moved towards the forest apprarently for further operations. 

And the BGP ordered the villagers to remove their home fences erected back after the Myanmar government declared the end of four months-long operation on February 16.

“The BGP themselves have asked us to erect some small and short fences back around our homes. Some villagers have done it and some haven’t. Yesterday, the BGP ordered the people who erected the fences back to remove them immediately.

“Now, they are deliberately trying to intensify the situation here again and target us once again. So, we are really panicked by their actions”, said a villager in Kyikanpyin on the condition of anonymity. 

Meanwhile, the Myanmar authorities in Maungdaw are continuing to implement the relocation program for the displaced villagers of ‘Wapeik’, a program which they (the Wapeik villagers) oppose. The authorities have planned to stuff all the displaced villagers of ‘Wapeik’ at the northern most of side of the village instead of evenly restoring them to their original lands throughout the whole Wapeik village, something which a displaced person called ‘Creating a Slum.’

The authorities, last week, bulldozed several burnt houses and areas in the ‘Wapeik’ apparently destroying evidences of the atrocity crimes committed against the Rohingya people.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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